Halloween Camping

I read this interesting post over at http://www.halloweenforum.com/general-halloween/63056-halloween-camping-trip.html
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“I have been halloween cmaping for about five years now, getting ready for the 6th. I am doing two weekends this year. One is the 12th thru 14th, and one is the 26th thru the 28th. In Michigan, there are quite a few state parks that do this. I go to the 2 parks that I like the most. One is huge, the one on the 11th-13th. I’ll need 1200 or so pieces of candy for TOTers (about 3-4 hundred for the second week end..) Alot of people go all out at that one. The other one is getting bigger also. Some people have a few pumpkins, lights, etc, and some like me have a obsession. And everyone in the middle. They, of course have TOTing, costume parades, games, crafts for the kids, pumpkin carving, breakfast 2 mornings, and just a great atmosphere. They used to do a hayride, but seeing as it is put on by the state parks, the insurance got to be to much, so last year they stopped it. Just talking about it, I can’t wait to go, I just love it! But, I have so much to accomplish by the 11th. AHHHHHH! Why I am I on here, must get to work!! Any way, hope you have as much fun as I do. And my kids are adults, (no grand kids yet,, dog gone it!) They come up, we have a nice family week end, they help pass out the candy,( Are probably thinking ole’ mom had gone off the deep end!) Make sure you take pictures, I want to see them.!”

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