Camping and Hunting with your AR 15

Many avid campers are not only outdoorsmen, but also hikers, climbers, and hunters. With a hobby such as camping, there is room for crossover between all of these activities. Prepared campers can bring with them the tools and supplies to hunt, fish, climb or click hike from their basecamp. If you are planning your next camping excursion, and want to add hunting as an activity to the trip, you should consider what type of rifle would be best suited to meet your needs. As one of the most popular rifles in production, the AR 15 is considered by many to be “America’s rifle” as it is a versatile gun that can fit the needs of many different gun enthusiasts. When outfitted with the right AR 15 accessories, the AR 15 can be a camper and hunters best friend.

As the basis for the M16 rifle that is currently used by the United States Military, the AR 15 is a respected and powerful rifle that is manufactured by Colt as well as several other companies. Although the background of this weapon may have started at the military level, as there are many configurations, it has become a popular civilian weapon that can be used for hunting and target shooting. As it is such a popular weapon, there are many AR15 accessories that are available to customize the weapon to the specifications of the user. Scopes, uppers, handguards, and stocks are just some of the many parts that can be changed to make the gun more unique to its owner.

As a weapon that incorporates traditional 5.56mm/.223 caliber rounds, the AR 15 has quickly become a popular weapon amongst medium game hunters. When comparing the round with a traditional deer cartridge, the similarities are striking. In fact, the standard round from an AR 15 has only slightly less muzzle energy than a modern 130 grain smokeless propelled .30-06 bullet. As such, a round fired from an AR 15 should have more than enough energy to drop medium sized game such as mule deer and feral hogs.

The AR 15, as one of the most popular rifles in production, inherently has many after-market parts that can change the configuration to suite the user. As a modular weapon, the AR 15 can easily be changed from an iron-sighted rifle, to a scoped rifle, allowing for longer and more accurate shots. This easy customization is not only beneficial for hunters, but also campers, where weight is always a concern. If a component is deemed unnecessary, or overly weighty, it can be easily swapped out, making the gun more portable and less restricting.

If you are a camper that is also a hunter, it may make sense to check out the many options that are available to the AR 15. As a rifle that offers versatility and customization, the AR 15 should make the short list of rifles for your next camping and hunting excursion. As one of the most trusted names in the business, campers should also check out the products available from Veriforce Tactical, the leader in AR 15 accessories and parts. With thousands of items to choose from, there is something for every AR 15 aficionado at

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