Camping equipment supply

To have a fun filled and good camping experience it is very important to select a good collection of camping equipment supplies. Tent is the first and foremost requirement of a camping trip. Whether you’re a solo traveler or you are camping with your family, for protection and safety, you will definitely need a shelter. While choosing a tent, pay attention to the quality, workmanship and durability. While buying a tent, always buy a size larger than what you need.  A little extra leg space is always a good thing. It allows you to invite some extra people and also provides room for storage.

Another very essential camping equipment supply is a Sleeping Bag. Keep in mind that you will be spending quite a few number of hours in that bag. So give highest priority to comfort and durability. Buy the sleeping bag according to the climate of the place you are traveling to. It is advisable to carry sleeping mats or pads to spread your sleeping bag on. This ensures extra cushioning and less chances of wear and tear. It is not amusing to feel every rock, pebble and twig under you, while you sleep.

Food and water is the next item on the list, to which you need to pay attention to. The kind of food you take is mainly dictated by your personal tastes. The amount of food you need to carry, depend on how many people you are traveling with, and for how long. Water is as necessary as food is. Many camp sites offer a good supply of water, but it is always advisable to have a stock of potable water handy. Most camping equipment supplies stores have plenty of options available, when it comes to bottles and canisters.

An ice chest is of utmost importance when you are traveling in the summer months. Nothing can be more refreshing than a chilled can of beer, after a long and tiring day. Also you can carry perishable food along with you, if you have an ice chest. These ice chests, usually keep things cool, for sometime at least. They can be recharged by even being plugged on to your car battery. But be warned; don’t end up with a bottle of chilled beer and a dead battery. An ice chest is a must have camping equipment supply, especially during the summer months.

If you are type who hates packed food, and prefers it fresh off the stove, then these should be next on the list of camping must haves. Most camping equipment supplies stores, offer a wide range of stoves, ranging from grills to burners and hotplates.

Flashlights and Lanterns are also very important part of your camping gear.  Unless you have a raging campfire on, all night long (which you will have to keep feeding every hour), a lantern or a flashlight is highly advisable. The light from the campfire won’t help you if you have to go a little far from your camp, after sunset. Most camping equipment supply stores have a wide variety of flashlights and lanterns. Make sure you buy a pair of good rechargeable batteries and also a spare pair, when you start off.


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