Camping Fridges

The camping fridge is a very functional item that gets ignored many a times, until you start wishing you had one, on a hot summer day. Every where you go, you need food and water. A camping fridge can change the way you camp by altering your ability to prepare food and keep the beverages chilled. This is especially important when you are camping during hot months, or in places where it is difficult to find a water source or diner. Many of these fridges can be run with the car battery, making it very easy to use.
Here are certain important things to remember when you buy a camping fridge.

How badly do you need a camping fridge?

First decide whether you really need the fridge. It is obviously going to cost you good money and also a fridge is cumbersome to carry. If you are the sort who goes for short trips, and travel with less number of people, then a cooler maybe sufficient. Camping fridges are important for those people who travel with large families, children and also for those who go on long camping trips.

Which size do you need?


Be judicious when you are choosing the size of the fridge. A big one is difficult to carry and may just prove to be a waste of space in the back of your van. Smaller ones have more advantages than the bigger one. Even if the battery goes caput, you can still have the cooler running for a while, which might be just enough for you to get through the trip. Very recent developed are the powerful cool-boxes or coolers. These are small in size but are very efficient, and deliver exactly what they promise. The biggest advantage of these coolers is that they can remain cool, even when not plugged. So you can use them without wasting much power, especially when on the move. It is a great option if you want to travel light, or if you are going for short trips.

Power usage

Fridges which are 12V are the most ideal, since you can plug it to your car. You can even get a converter fitted. Some of the new age fridges come with an in built converter. If you plan to use the fridge a lot, while traveling, then it is advisable to get a second battery fitted. You obviously don’t want a chilled beer at the cost of a car with a dead battery, in the middle of nowhere.

Is your camping fridge sturdy enough?


The camping fridge needs to be sturdy, so that it can take the hardships of camping. On a camping trip, we all tend to drop things, drive over bumpy roads, and such inadvertent mishaps, are most heard of. For a fridge to survive all these calamities, it needs to have sturdy panels, door and also effective seals. A camping fridge is ideally a one time investment, so before you make your buy, make sure it is worth every penny.


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  1. Ted - July 15th, 2009 at 7:55 am

    Well, I am glad to see someone else who agrees with me. My life changed when I learned about these. You may think I am exaggerating, but it’s hot here in the summer, and knowing that there is an ice cold drink – that stays that way – or that the hamburgers won’t spoil before the cookout. Amazing.

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