Camping Morbihan

Camping Morbihan

Camping is a really adventurous outdoors activity. One of the best ways to enjoy this outdoors activity to the hilt is by going camping at international camping spots. One very unique place that you can go camping is Morbihan, located in France.

You might ask, what sets Morbihan apart from other camping venues. The first thing that will strike anyone who visits this place is its exotic natural beauty. Adding to this effect is its unique location which is close to the sea. Those who want to taste the natural beauty of France in its entire enormity should definitely come camping in Morbihan.

Morbihan has many interesting campgrounds, each of which are located amongst the most beautiful surroundings, which reveal in full France’s natural beauty. Here is a look at some important campgrounds that you can consider:

* L’Ideal – This campground offers the best facilities for campers. Campers get to enjoy facilities such as swimming pool, outdoor table tennis and snack bar. Tent sites as well as sites for caravans are available. In addition to this campers can also book into mobile homes or even furnished chalets. Amenities include electricity, water, toilets and laundry. Plenty of water recreational activities available here as this campsite is close to the beach area. Private car parking is also available.

* Moulin de Cadillac – This campground is situated 15 miles away from the ocean and offers campers the opportunity to enjoy beachside activities and water activities like surfing, swimming, and so on. Both tent sites and RV sites are available. Basic facilities such as water, toilet, electricity, dump station and laundry are available here.

* De Kernejeune – This campground offers the perfect vista for camping with your family. Sites are available for both tent camping and caravan camping. Recreational opportunities available here include hiking, sailing, kayaking, horseback riding, and mountain biking. Facilities offered include restaurants, museums and cruises.

* De la Plage – This campground offer both tent sites and caravan sites. It’s has excellent natural location in it and is also close to the waterfront. Camper coming her can enjoy activities like swimming, surfing, hiking and much more. Basic facilities such as water, electricity andtoilets are available.

* Du Haras – This campground covers about 2.5 hectares of land area. It offers 140 pitches out of which 100 are for tent sites , 40 are mobile homes or cabins. Basic facilities such as toilet, water, electricity and laundry are available here. This is a really good camping ground when you want to come camping with your friends and family.

* Les Bruyeres – This campground is ideal for caravan or tent camping. The surrounding areas of the camp are really beautiful. Amenities such as toilets, washing machine, ironing and water are available. Campers here can enjoy facilities such as table tennis corts, playground, T V room, bicycling, and depot for fresh breads.

Enjoy the beauty of France seaside and countryside, by camping in Morbihan. Since Morbihan is such a popular camping spot, it’s best that you make reservations in the campground you want before coming.

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