Camping Screen Rooms

A camping screen room is known by many names; screen house, lodge, gazebo, or arbor, but they all serve the same purpose. They shield you from the elements of nature and also provide you with the much required leg space, when you go out camping. These indispensable camping accessories offer the much required shade on a sunny day, mental relief and physical refuge, as well, when you are facing the wilderness. The camping screen rooms can come in very handy when you are trying to fend off bugs and other insects.

While choosing a camping screen room, keep the purpose which it is going to serve in mind. If the priority is escaping bugs, then choose a screen room with no-see-um meshing. You may think that bug spray alone will do, but the first night at the campsite itself will prove you wrong. And after all, who wants to smell like a bottle of bug spray all the time?

 For the purpose of sun guard, a thicker material is advisable. Lately many screen rooms are available in the market, which effectively keep the insides cool, even on hot sunny days. They are fitted with wind lifts and roof vents, which allow good circulation within the room. If you are going camping near the waters, then a small camping screen room is highly advisable. This can substitute as an easy changing room. All in all, a camping screen room allows you to enjoy being out in the middle of wilderness, in the thick of nature, and yet you can protect yourself from all unsavory elements. Most of the camping screen rooms will allow you to remain in relative comfort and protect you from most diseases, which impede most campers’ joy in camping. The roominess of the camping screen room lets you to keep items like food, clothing, and other personal belongings, in relative safety and privacy.

One of the highly recommended brands of the camping screen rooms is the Insta-Clip- 14´ x 12´ Screenhouse. It comes with zippered mesh walls which have fold into corner pockets. The No-see-um mesh also helps to keeps tiny insects out. The screen rooms come with two large doors. The material is also protective against UV rays, which is very essential when you are camping outdoors. These screen rooms have ceiling vents, which help to reduce heat buildup and wind lift. This keeps the room relatively cooler than the outside. The material of the camping screen room is also flame resistant – CPAI-84 compliant, making it top grade as far as safety is concerned.

Another good brand of camping screen room is the paha que screen room. It has a Polyester roof with ripstop nylon awnings. The material of the screen room is waterproof and also has UV coating, making it quite safe. The durability of the camping screen room is assured with a no-see-um mesh, seam sealed borders, and a lifetime warranty.

So whether you want to extend your porch, go camping, or add leg space to your RV, a camping screen room is something which will always come handy. It is a one time investment for most of us, so think thoroughly before you make you buy one.


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  1. Eddie Frueh - February 1st, 2009 at 9:46 am

    I agree a screen room or screen house is a important part of our camping gear.We use them to eat in and to keep the bugs off of us and out of our food.

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