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Camping Moab Utah

Wednesday 31 December 2008 @ 10:39 pm

The Moab, Utah is a very one of a kind camping location in the world. Lots of people come to visit the hot desert yearly for sightseeing, special events, holidaying and just out of curious interest. This region of the Moab in Utah is unsurpassed in its offerings for holidayers and adventurers alike. There are many places to see and things to do in this region. A well planned trip will give the most satisfaction. The list of activities available here in the Moab will be an ever growing one. The central focus is on the activities of Moab… Camping Moab Utah

Ultimate Survival Technologies BlastMatch All Weather Firestarter

Friday 4 April 2008 @ 1:03 pm

Remote Control Tent LightStart a fire quickly and efficiently with this device.  Believe it or not, this starter can operate in all types of environments and weather conditions.  That’s right, whether your in a marine, desert, arctic, or jungle environment, your device will still operate the same.  First devised for shot down air fighter pilots to survive, this amazing device can be started and used with just one hand.

You can create a stream of sparks, 3x as heated as a normal match, and easily light up any material.  The device… Ultimate Survival Technologies BlastMatch All Weather Firestarter

Remote Control Tent Light

Friday 4 April 2008 @ 12:43 pm

Remote Control Tent LightWhen it’s pitch black in your tent, your going to need some light.  Especially when the camping fire has been put out outside, causing you to have no light source whatsoever.  Turn this night light on and then turn it off when you start feeling sleepy.  Easily switch of the light in your tent, with the push of a button.  It comes with a remote control that could be attached to a set of keys and used as a key chain.  you can even operate it from 20 feet… Remote Control Tent Light

Best of Part 3

Thursday 10 January 2008 @ 1:42 am

Well here is the third part. I hope you enjoy them.

Thanks again for stopping by.

Best of Part 2 Camping Pictures

Thursday 10 January 2008 @ 1:39 am

Here are a few more pictures. I hope you enjoy.

Thanks again for stopping by.

Thanksgiving weekend 2007

Wednesday 28 November 2007 @ 2:30 am
Well I don't have any real pictures as in years past of T-day. Since my mom's passing it just hasn't had the same meaning. hopefully that will change in the following years.

I got some pictures of a buck resting in our front yard. Some pictures of rush hour traffic. A bunch of scenic pictures. A car on fire, the CHP plane, and some hummingbirds out the window.

I have set up some of the bird feeders and hope to get some great shots.

I hope to get done moving and back into camping soon. If things work out right I will be taking some of the nieces, nephews, and grand ones out just before Xmas if the schedules work out.

Hope you enjoy the pictures.

Thanks again for stopping by

I miss my tent 11/04/07

Monday 5 November 2007 @ 8:12 pm
I have been moving things up to the new house so I haven't been out camping in a few weeks. We are starting to settle in the new place. My dad really likes the place.
It is really quiet and peaceful.

I went out for a drive on Sunday and took some pictures. It is real nice country. It is only about 10 minutes or so before I hit the back country. I will be taking more pictures in the next few weeks. When I came back home there was a buck in the front yard.

I hope you enjoy the few pictures that I took and there will be more in the next few weeks.

Thanks again for stopping by.

High Lakes Area 09/30/07

Sunday 30 September 2007 @ 5:49 pm

This was a short weekend and I only got a few pictures. We went looking at houses Thursday and, Friday so I didn't take off until Saturday morning. There was a clean-up event scheduled for 8am Saturday in the High Lakes area. I didn't get up there until almost 2pm.

I met my friend Jerry and his wife Jeri (hope that is the right spelling) up there. We had dinner and drinks at the Outpost in Butte Meadows. I hope to go out camping with them in the future because they are good people. While I was trying to find the group I was suppose to help I found this place where I took the pictures. I will spend a weekend camping there as the sights are awesome. Yes that is snow in the trees and on top of Mt Lassen. There are some good pictures to be taken and I will make sure to find some time to do it next time.

I hope you enjoy the few pictures I took. Remember life is an adventure, enjoy the journey.

Thanks again for stopping by.

Feather River Area 09/23/07

Sunday 23 September 2007 @ 4:08 pm

Stopped in Paradise and looked at a place with a six car garage on Friday. Pretty nice place. I headed out to the Feather River area again. I have been here almost 24 hours and only saw one person so far and that was about 15 minutes after I stopped. I don't know how many pictures I will get this weekend as it started raining on Saturday morning. The trees are changing and there are still some berries around.

I hope that this is a big snow year as the lakes really need some water. I stopped by one of the campgrounds on Lake Oroville and was talking to one of the camp workers. She said the lake was down about 160 feet.

I may go to the same place I went last week next weekend as they are having a clean-up day and I probably should introduce myself to some of the locals as I am planning on moving up there.

Now that most people have quit camping for the season and the weather is changing it may be time to hit some of the popular summer spots.

I did find a nice place that I will soak in next spring and summer. I kept dry until it was time to pack and leave. I had a great dinner of salmon fillets and garlic potatoes but didn't get a chance to snap a picture of it. I will assure you it was tasty.

There were a couple of places I saw on my way in that looked like great pictures but the rain took them away. I will take them another time.

Enjoy the few pictures I took and I will try to make it up another weekend.

Thanks again for stopping by.

Remeber Life is an adventure so enjoy the journey.

Butte Meadows and the High Lake area 091607

Sunday 16 September 2007 @ 5:54 pm

Well this weekend I started off in Butte Meadows. I had planned to meet Jerry (Kessler), his son, and his son's family around 5pm on Friday and then head up to the high lakes area. It looks like it may rain and Saturday is the opening day of deer season. Well his son had some vehicle problems and cancelled for the weekend. I spent an extra day in Butte Meadows.

I went walking around Butte Meadows on Friday morning and saw something that looked sort of odd off the side of the road. There was a small chain link fence up and I hadn't seen anything on that side of the road. I went up to look at it and it was a small graveyard. There were only a few markers and only two were readable. A little further up the road there was a memorial and a helicopter pad. As I kept walking up the road I saw different signs. The one with fantasy island sign I think had a small house for Tattoo. The camera and stuff is from the Outpost in Butte Meadows. They have a live web cam set up out there.

We started heading up to the high lakes area on Saturday morning. I saw the sign about God's country and had to get a picture. We set up camp and then I rode with Jerry as I hadn't been out there before. I think the BUB could have done most of it. I took some pictures of the different lakes and landscapes. Dinner on Saturday was salmon and southwestern mashed potatoes. It was very tasty. After dinner I noticed the lake and the reflections of the sun so I tried to take some mirror shots of the trees on the lake.

I then shot some pictures of our campsite. There is one video down at the bottom. I had a great weekend and hope you enjoy the pictures.

Life is an adventure. Enjoy the journey.

The Video

Thanks again for stopping by.

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