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Halloween Camping

Friday 16 October 2009 @ 12:07 am

I read this interesting post over at
Before you get started, A great place to get your kids costumes is at
“I have been halloween cmaping for about five years now, getting ready for the 6th. I am doing two weekends this year. One is the 12th thru 14th, and one is the 26th thru the 28th. In Michigan, there are quite a few state parks that do this. I go to the 2 parks that I like the most. One is huge, the one on the 11th-13th. I’ll need 1200 or so pieces of candy for TOTers (about 3-4 hundred for the second week end..) Alot of people go all out at that one. The other one is getting bigger also. Some people have a few pumpkins, lights, etc, and some like me have a obsession. And everyone in the middle. They, of course have TOTing, costume parades, games, crafts for the kids, pumpkin carving, breakfast 2 mornings, and just a great atmosphere. They used to do a hayride, but seeing as it is put on by the state parks, the insurance got to be to much, so last year they stopped it. Just talking about it, I can’t wait to go, I just love it! But, I have so much to accomplish by the 11th. AHHHHHH! Why I am I on here, must get to work!! Any way, hope you have as much fun as I do. And my kids are adults, (no grand kids yet,, dog gone it!) They come up, we have a nice family week end, they help pass out the candy,( Are probably thinking ole’ mom had gone off the deep end!) Make sure you take pictures, I want to see them.!” Halloween Camping

New Sheriff In Town

Saturday 16 August 2008 @ 11:41 pm

That’s right, there’s a new Sheriff in town, and it’s time to restore this website back to the glory it once knew.  As part of this, you will see a variety of changes in the coming weeks, including: featured campsites, featured campers, the same featured products, guest posts, and anything else that we here at are able to ideate from our substandard brains.  There will also be a contact link should you choose to send in your ideas or want to contribute in any way.  Until then… New Sheriff In Town

Enamel Double Coated 14 Cup Percolator From Coleman

Monday 4 February 2008 @ 7:41 am

Enamel Double Coated 14 Cup Percolator From Coleman is great for making a feash cup od brewed coffee for early risers. It is easy to use and easy to clean. Make coffe taste better than the drip makers. You just need to adjust to your taste of how much coffee to use for brewing. It is very durable and will last a long time… Enamel Double Coated 14 Cup Percolator From Coleman

Crazy Creek Power Chair Lounger

Monday 4 February 2008 @ 7:34 am

Crazy Creek Power Chair Lounger is great for hunters, hikers, campers and backpackers. is made from durable 420D coated ripstop nylon, closed-cell foam and sturdy carbon fiber for outstanding strength and durability. It is made for using as a chair and a slepping bag. It is easy to take with you, all you is roll up and throw over your shoulder and carry with ease. It adjusts for a wide range of sitting positions and it is very durable and comfortable. ” Best of all it is disigned to insulate you from cold and snow.” … Crazy Creek Power Chair Lounger

Coleman Outdoor Camp Oven

Monday 4 February 2008 @ 7:25 am

Coleman Outdoor Camp Oven features an adjustable steel rack and easy-to-read thermometer. It is made of smooth, aluminized steel. It is very easy to use – just palce it over your camp fire and bake with ease. Now you can have your famous biscuits and cornbread with every meal you make. It is also disigned to keep food warm after baking. ” Time and time agin this oven has proven its worth and ease of use. Come highly recommended.”… Coleman Outdoor Camp Oven

Camelbak Asymetrix 20 100 Ounce Hydration Pack

Monday 28 January 2008 @ 4:47 pm

Camelbak Asymetrix 20 100 Ounce Hydration Pack Features: OMEGA HydroTanium Reservoir with Lifetime Warranty, Dynamic suspension harness and articulated and ventilated semi-load bearing waist belt offers stability. Also international version includes 3L UnBottle, AirDirector back panel with AirMesh and internal frame sheet. It has a built in rain cover for all weather versatility and multi-use pocket keeps items safe and accessible. ” It is made to handle a capacity of great amount of all your camping needs and more.”… Camelbak Asymetrix 20 100 Ounce Hydration Pack

Tracks Sherlite Staff Hiking Staffs

Monday 28 January 2008 @ 4:46 pm

Tracks Sherlite Staff Hiking Staffs are adjustable in link and perfect for a hiking trip to the mountains. It is hand-built with high-strength, built in three detachable sections for compact travel and storage. It is designed to reduce stress of walking and increase traction. It is built to reduces the stress on hip and knee joints. It has an adjustable Wedge Lock wrist loop, a removable walnut knob with a universal camera mount, and a spike tip beneath a removable rubber foot. ” It comes highly recommended for anyone who enjoys hiking and getting out to see the… Tracks Sherlite Staff Hiking Staffs

Coleman Portable Deck Chair [2125 303]

Friday 25 January 2008 @ 7:17 pm

Coleman Portable Deck Chair [2125 303] is very stylish and folds for easier transport or storage. It is comfortable, lighweight and hans removable arms for easy washing. It has an oversize roomy seat for extra comfort, you don’t have to worry about being all cramped up in this neat deck chair. It is very durable and very comfortable. I highly recommend it it for the comfort alone.”… Coleman Portable Deck Chair [2125 303]

Texsport Kendall Square Dome Tent

Friday 25 January 2008 @ 7:11 pm

Texsport Kendall Square Dome Tent is very easy to set and quick. It comes with a 1/2-length, 4-peak rainfly for added protection. It features: 10′ x 10′ x 78 h. Sleeps up to 5 persons, Two-pole pin and ring frame system with shock-corded fiberglass poles Rip-stop polyethylene floor asnd more. It comes with sreaks and storage bad for protection. Domes are inherently stronger than any other design made. This tent is great for a season tent. Providing comfort and sturdness no matter where your camping… Texsport Kendall Square Dome Tent

Tent Tetragon Adventure

Monday 21 January 2008 @ 7:17 pm

With the Tent Tetragon Adventure you can go camping in style and comfort. It provides weather protection with the double-coated StormShield polyester fly and the polyester bathtub floor. This is a single room tent with a floor made of polyester to help keep you warmer. No more sleeping directly on the ground where you can feel the coldness of the ground. Some of the great features include: brim over twin-track, side-opening door, external guy points on the fly, hanging gear loft and two detachable interior storage pockets, Mesh panels and yes the poles and stakes are included. This… Tent Tetragon Adventure

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