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Salt Springs/ Airport Flat 05/28/07

Monday 28 May 2007 @ 8:43 pm

Well here it is Memorial Day weekend already. I got off to an earlier than normal start time on Thursday night. I was suppose to run lead and meet a Hummer group at this place called Airport Flat. It is off Ice House Rd and Hwy 50. I had never been up there before and was thinking it was dirt roads and it would be easy to find a spot to camp. If I would have known it was paved the whole way I would have said Thursday night was too late to grab a spot for the weekend.

Not knowing that I drove up there. It was a nice drive and the moon was bright. I wish I would have stopped to take some pictures or drove it during the day. When I got up there it was packed full of Rv's and people. I sat for awhile looking at my maps trying to find an alternate place. I decided to head to Salt Springs because I was almost sure I could find a place on a late Thursday night. I called up my contact person and left a message that the place was packed and where I was headed. I will wait and see if they show up.

I went back down to 50 and went east to Silver Lake Road. It dead ended into Mormon Emigrant Road which I took to Hwy 88. Man, what scenery. There was still some drifts a few feet deep and I was well above 7000 feet. I am going to do some research and run that trail.

Well I made it down to Salt Springs about 4am and set up camp. I have sort of been dragging butt today from lack of sleep but have had a good time. I have been meeting some nice people and more keep rolling in every few minutes. I went out hiking earlier and found some secluded spots that I have made notes on for future visits. I saw a few wildflowers today and lots of butterflies. The flowers are still blooming so I don't think I missed them at the higher elevations. I am at about 3600 feet here. The butterflies are just so active and never stop long enough for me to get a picture.

The BUB seems to be running great after I hooked those spark plugs back up. I also got a new tire this week along with a much better tire gauge than the one I spent 10 bucks on last week.

Well time to start on dinner. Fajitas tonight. I will post more later.

Dinner was great. My belly is full for awhile. I still have some steaks and a tri-tip for the rest of the weekend along with other goodies.

I know I use to complain about TMS but after looking at some of the folks this weekend I realized I wasn't as bad as them. I am still trying to pare down but it is getting better. I have been sharing my ideas and trying to learn other peoples ideas to make it a better experience.

This place has turned into tent city. I will have to shoot some video later. I got up around 6 this morning and took a hike. It was nice and peaceful. It sounds like a small town now. I may go down to the dam later to go fishing. I just looked over at another campsite and it is beer thirty already at 8:30 in the morning. I guess they will in bed early tonight.

I made bacon and eggs this morning and put some of that hot sauce on them. Man, that stuff is hot. Tasty though.

The place is starting to sound like a playground now. Kids are running and screaming all over the place. I am glad it is only this crowded a few times a year. Usually on the long holiday weekends. Labor Day I will have to make sure to go someplace out of the way and on the back trails.

Speaking of out of the way places I have been looking at my topo program more and have been finding some interesting spots. If they are any good or not will of course have to be found out in person. I need to learn how to download the tracks on to my GPS unit so I can find them at night. If I ever win the lottery I am going to get satellite service.

The day looks like it is going to be nice and hot. I am in a pretty good spot that I can get in the shade easy if need be. I will probably go hiking again later and try to find some photo ops.

I have pretty much hanging out with this one group. 4 generations out camping. They have been coming up here for 12 years now. They fed me good also. I worked for it though. We went hiking for firewood and I made a few trips and carried a few long logs of oak. They were playing some card games I had never seen before so I just sat back and watched.

Not really sure what is in the works today. It is just before 8 and the kids are just starting to get up. It is a little chilly in the morning. The water wasn't as cold as I thought it would be.

I have been wondering why I haven't seen those Geico commercials on tv lately. It looks like he got hit by a car.

Well dinner was grilled fish, fried fish, tri-tip, sausage, and chicken. I think my belly is still full. I sat around with a few of the kids and told them of the animals I had seen on their posters up there. I also pulled out my binoculars and let them look around.

I am back at home after a long and fun weekend. Thanks to my new friends I had a wonderful time. I told them I would get up there early for Labor Day.

Hope you enjoy the pictures.

Thanks again for stopping by.

Bowman Lake 05/20/07

Sunday 20 May 2007 @ 6:44 pm

I am going to try to do this again in the campground. I tried to go to Grouse Point but there was some deep drifts and a timber blocking the road. I headed over to Bowman Lake instead. My favorite spot was open. It is set off from the rest of the sites and the feeder creek is right next to it. It has the rushing water sound which is so relaxing and you can't hear what is going on in the other sites.

Right after my arrival the pump truck showed up to clean the outhouse. It was pretty bad. He said they only pumped them once a year. So I was the first one to use the outhouse this year. I know that sounds pretty disgusting but one person I know has a thing for campground outhouses.

For as little snow that we had this year the lake doesn't really seem that much lower than it did last year. I may throw a pole in later today to try my luck at fishing.

The peace and solitude are wonderful but sometimes I miss having someone to talk to about things. My friend didn't make it but I put a picture up next to the mascots so she could think she was here.

I haven't seen any wildflowers yet. Not sure if they have come and gone or have made it here yet. In some of the shots you can see some snow still on the mountains. I am still looking for that squirrel. For those that follow my blog it was the bold one from last year.

The water is still pretty cold so I don't think I will be swimming this weekend. It was hard enough just to wash the dishes.

The menu was pretty light last night some hot dried peas and some apricots. This morning was a grilled rib-eye. Dinner will be another rib-eye. I am thinking I may start making pots of stew or chili and just let it simmer on the campfire all weekend.

It seems like I am rambling on about things but it gives me a chance to type what is on my mind at the moment versus trying to remember it all on Sunday night.

I am starting to get out of the TMS too much stuff. After last weekend with stuff flying all over the place and taking so long to load and unload I decided it was time to clean up. I will bring the TMS when I go on group outings to a regular or semi-regular campground.

I also have been giving some thought about whether I should do mods on the burb or get something smaller and start from there. I will probably keep the burb and do some mods.

I went out walking around trying to find some wildflowers but saw lots of butterflies. There are a number of people here but they all seem to be hanging around their campsites. I met a great-grandfather, grandfather, and grandson earlier. He has lived in the Grass Valley area all of his life. He was telling me stories of how he use to deer hunt in these mountains when he was in his teens and about last year when he couldn't get here until July because of the snow. It was great hearing him relating his stories and about how the area has changed.

I am not sure where I will be headed next weekend for the long holiday weekend. I have been pondering about whether to go to a spot that I know or try a new one. I have been checking out the maps and my topo program to find something. Whatever I decide I will probably leave on Thursday night so I can get a spot before the crowds show up. I just hope my boss doesn't try to toss a lot on my plate Thursday afternoon.

Work has been going better. I may even get my own workspace in the next month or so. It is hard trying to share a 6x6 workspace with someone and being productive.

I tried to fish earlier but had no luck. I met a few folks down there though and we had a good time even if the fish weren't biting.

I gave some guy ten bucks for a tire pressure tool that is worth about one dollar. I thought I had one in the burb and didn't want the tough ride out. After airing down last weekend I have found that is the way to go.

While I was sitting around earlier looking through the Cabela's catalog I found a few things that will fit my current situation.

I do wish my writing skills were better though. I see so many things that are hard to relate in writing and let people know what I am seeing.

Time for this one to find the pillow. I will try to take some pictures on the way out of here.

Made it home fine and dandy. I may have to replace the spark plugs. It seems to be sluggish on the hills.

I hope you enjoy the pictures and thanks for stopping by.

The Creek

See you all next week