Kentucky Camping

Kentucky Camping

Kentucky is situated in East Central United States of America. Kentucky is one of four states in U.S. which constituted as commonwealth. One of the major highlights in Kentucky is the presence of bluegrass in many of its lawns and pastures throughout the state and hence this land was called as Bluegrass State. Kentucky ranks 37th in terms of state with largest land area and ranks 26th in terms of its population. There are five primary regions in Kentucky they are: 1. Cumberland Plateau; 2. Bluegrass Region; 3. Pennyroyal Plateau; 4. Western Coal Fields and 5. Jackson Purchase. Kentucky is famous for horse racing, bluegrass music, automobile manufacturing and tobacco.

Kentucky has a humid subtropical climate with average temperatures of 30.9*C during summer and -4.9*C during winter. Kentucky is the only state in United States of America which is bordered on three sides by rivers namely the Mississippi River situated to its west, Ohio River to its north and Big Sandy and Tug Fork River to its east. In addition to this the state of Kentucky has both the largest artificial lakes namely Lake Cumberland and Kentucky Lake. There are a lot of scenic places in Kentucky which attracts the tourists every year. Some of them are highlighted below:

* Black Mountain – This is one of the tallest mountains in the commonwealth of Kentucky. It is elevated at 4145 ft above sea level. This mountain is famous for coal mining of the surrounding region.

* Lake Cumberland – This is one of the largest artificial lakes in the state of Kentucky. This was constructed with the purpose of flood control and production of hydro electric power.

* Mammoth Cave National Park – This cave park is located in Central Kentucky and it is known for its longest cave system in the world. This cave was developed by thick limestone strata capped by sandstone layers. Moreover, the endangered Kentucky Cave shrimp are found in large numbers in this cave.

* Jefferson Memorial Forest – This forest is located in southwest of Louisville in Knobs region of Kentucky. This is the largest municipal urban forest in the United States. This forest is famous for hiking trails of over 50 km. Animals like red foxes, horned owls, coyotes, white tailed deer are found in large numbers. This forest has rich flora of wild flowers and group of ferns and fern allies.

* Cumberland Water Gap – This is a chief passageway through the Appalachian Mountain regions. This was located exactly to the north where the states of Kentucky, Virginia and Tennessee meet. The Cumberland Gap is 19 km long and has four geologic features namely: the Yellow Creek valley, natural gap in Cumberland Mountain, eroded gap near Pine Mountain and Middlesboro crater.

* Natural Bridge State Park – This is adjacent to Red River George and surrounded by Daniel Boone National Forest in Kentucky. The endangered big eared bats were found in large numbers at this forest. Natural Bridge is famous for exclusive sandstone balanced rock formations. A huge block of sandstone which was balanced on the edge of a cliff really a eye catchy scenic place for the tourists.

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