Lake Berryessa Camping

Lake Berryessa Camping

Camping is done on different geographical locations of interest, either on the plains, mountains, or surrounding the lakes. Camping around lakes is a very fascinating experience and sure to leave a memorable, long-lasting trail among the campers.

One such wonderful camping experience can be provided by Lake Berryessa situated in California, United States of America. Lake Berryessa is located along the eastern side of the Napa Valley, between the Blue Ridge and Cedar Roughs.

Lake Berryessa

Lake Berryessa is proud to be one of the largest fresh water lakes in California. Amazingly, the waters at the Lake Berryessa can have a temperature upto 75 degrees, that makes it suitable for enjoying all sorts of water sports and games.

Fishing is a favorite entertainment for the campers to go on fishing some of the rare varieties of fishes including bass, catfish, bluegill, crappie, and rainbow trout.

The Lake Berryessa is 26 miles long, and has an amazing shore line of 165 miles.

All these topographical features of the lake make it a pleasure camping destination. The long shoreline is a viewpoint where you can visualize some of the rare species like

* Canada Geese

* Snow Geese

* Pelicans

* Great Blue Herons

* Wester Grebes

* Wood Ducks, and

* Common loons

Don’t forget to stop by the grass-laden hills. These hills are marvelous and filled with Oak and Manzanita. You could climb the hills and have a look at the eagles, singing birds, Deer, Wild Turkeys, etc.

Bird-watching is one of the popular activities here. You can approach Monticello Dam which is situated at the South East corner of the Lake Berryessa. From the dam, you could enjoy the scenery of several beautiful birds migrating in the early spring season, and nesting there.

Popular Campsites

Lake Berryessa accommodates upto 140 campsites with water facilities. But, you cannot expect additional camping services here, so it is better you are prepared with your own camping equipment and RV so that you can enjoy a safe and comfortable camping.

Let me take you to some of the interesting campsites surrounding the lake, to motivate more on camping at Lake Berryessa.

Markley Cove Resort

Markley Cove Resort does not offer you night stays, but you can enjoy your maximum camping activities during the course of the day.

Pleasure Cove Marina

Pleasure Cove Marina is the ultimate family destination for most of the campers, as it comes with wholesome facilities like

* Overnight tent and RV camping

* Restaurant

* Marina

* Convenience store

* Cabin and houseboat rentals.

Lake Berryessa Marina Resort

Relaxing and camping along the shoreline is really exciting, and if you get a chance for it, will you miss it? You can find Lake Berryessa Marina Resort, close to the Napa Valley and lined along the shores of Lake Berryessa. Just imagine the scenic beauty of the lake from the resort!!! What else do you expect for a perfect family camping when you are in such a natural scenic ambience viewing the exquisitely fascinating beach?

Please contact the Visitor Center Offices of the respective campgrounds for early reservations and the availability details, especially on week ends and holidays.

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