Rhode Island Camping

Rhode Island Camping

Camping is an activity mainly focused on outdoor activities, to explore new places around the world as a group of friends or with family. Camping makes a distinct experience to enjoy the different geographies in its own taste. Even though camping can be done on different parts of the world, this article discusses camping in Rhode Island, also called RI.

Background of Rhode Island

Before camping in any city, it is interesting to know some facts about that place. Rhode Island is located on the North Eastern part of the United States, and is also known by the name “The Ocean State”. The topography, environmental and climatic conditions of the Rhode Island are extremely good that it helps the development of various camping and recreational activities throughout the state, with the help of Rhode Island Campground Association called as Ocean State Campgrounds Owners Association (OSCOA).

The association enforces regulations in maintaining a clean environment without causing any air or water pollution. It also gently advices the campers not to bring carry firewood into or outside the park.

Rhode Island is popular for its best campgrounds across its cities. Some of the popular campgrounds and camp cities worth mentioning in Rhode Island are:

* Bowdish Lake Camping Area

*Buck Hill Family Campground

* Card’s Camp

*Camp Ponagansett

*Colwell’s Campground

*Echo Lake Campground

*Frontier Family Camper Park

*Ginny-B-Camp grounds

*Greenwood Hill Family Campground

*Green Oceans Inc

*Hickory Ridge Campground

*Holiday Acres Camping Resort

*Holly Tree Camper Park

*Long Cove Camp Sites & Marina

*Meadowlark Park

*Melville Campground Recreation Area

*Oakleaf Family Campground

*Oak Embers Campground

*Paradise Motel

*Peeper Pond Campground

*Pine Valley RV Campground

*Timber Creek RV Resort

*Wawaloam Campground

*Whippoorwill Hill Family Campgrounds

*Whispering Pines Campground

*Worden’s Pond Family Campgrounds

*Westwood YMCA

What all activities can I enjoy while camping in Rhode Island?


*Mountain Biking

*Road Biking

*Rail Trails

*Flat water paddling and canoeing

*White water paddling

*Sea kayaking

*Scenic drives



Whispering Pines Family Campground

This campground is located at the Hope Valley, in the Rhode Island. Watch out for Foxwoods and Mohegan Sun Casinos. This campground provides exciting offers. You can contact the association for availability and for booking. This campground is comprised of 180 wooded sites, and all facilities essential to provide a clean home environment, thus enabling comfortable camping. Swimming, trails, golf, baseball, and beaches are special attractions.

Oak Embers Campground

Oh… this is a fantastic campground that you should surely visit as it offers lot of activities even though it is situated in a calm rural part of West Greenwich. You can enjoy horse riding, boating, and swimming. When you have a chance to visit Oak Embers campground, you can also have a taste of some of the interesting places around, like, musical theaters, Mystic aquarium, mystic village, and theaters by the sea shore… they all provide a wonderful experience.

Collwell’s Campground

This is the most popular family campground in the Rhode Island. Be it fireplaces or picnic tables, or electric hooks, the campground is well equipped with all the facilities suitable for the whole family camping. As a family, you could enjoy nature walks, theaters, golf, park, and zoo.

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