South Dakota Camping

South Dakota Camping

Camping is a pleasant experience which connects families and friends from different places pack up their belongings, and leaves their native town and march towards some far of natural scenic. Among various choices available for camping one of the best places for South Dakota state in U.S.A. South Dakota is located in United States and as per U.S. Census Bureau this is a part of the Midwestern United States. It is about 250 miles south of the Canadian border and surrounded by Minnesota, Iowa, Montana, and Nebraska. South Dakota is intersected by Missouri River which divides the State in two socio economically separate halves commonly called as West River and East River. The land is totally hilly and scattered with spectacular buttes.

Thousands of people every year load up the car and begin their journey to west for their family vacation and leave the place with ever lasting memories. South Dakota’s beauty is really beyond measure which provides some of most awesome scenery anywhere from Mount Rushmore National Monument to the beautiful Crazy Hall Memorial. Some of the places like Badlands Petrified Gardens Flintstones Bedrock City and the wildlife preserve of Custer State Park are really eye catching.

The Black Hills rise remarkably out of the plains as a remote mountain range on the western range of the state of South Dakota. On the south east of the state lies the resplendently eroded landscape commonly known as Badlands. The climate in South Dakota is generally temperate with warm pleasant summers and harsh cold winters. The average temperature 25-30*C during summer and can sink well below zero during winters. Summer months are the best time to visit South Dakota that is when the weather is at its best. In general South Dakota is quite large, thinly populated and rarely visited by many tourists.

During Nineteenth century many fortune seekers flocked to this wonderful land in search of gold and established many mining towns in the Black Hill area. As a result this land was called as the Wild West. One of the most reputed towns in this area is Deadwood. This place in recent days has become a famous tourist destination for shopping, sightseeing and gambling. Most of the attractive places at South Dakota lie on the western border of the state. Badland National Park is a place with contain many wonderful rock formations and is full of wildlife like bison, antelope, coyote, and prairie dogs. In addition to this near the Black Hills there are some beautiful places like Jewel Cave National Monument and Wind Cave National Park which has superb rock formations that attracts the campers all over the world. The Custer State Park in South Dakota has the highest bison herd in U.S. with more than 1500 animals and all these animals are viewed from a scenic drive.

South Dakota is also famous for big monuments. The monument at Mount Rushmore which was built in 1939 is one of the leading sculptures ever created. In this granite mountain twenty meter high faces of four US presidents Washington, Jefferson, Roosevelt and Lincoln are carved in precise detail.

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