West Virginia Camping

West Virginia Camping

West Virginia is located in the Appalachia region of the United States. This was originally a part of Virginia and was alienated from it during the United States Civil war and became a separate state on 20th day of June 1863. West Virginia is one of the boarder states in line between the north and south. West Virginia is one of the most diverse and interesting states in United States because of its people who align themselves with various regions. West Virginia has always humid subtropical climate and the temperature ranges from 19 to 24*C during summer and -2 to 5*C during winter. The state of West Virginia is noted for many different things and no doubt there are lots of scenic places to visit and enjoy.

In addition to variety of natural sceneries the state of West Virginia stands as a great tourist destination for lot of people who are interested in variety of outdoor activities. There are lots of Ski Mountains that take away the breath at the time of downhill ski and there are also several main trails where one can spend full day cross country skiing as well. One of the best activities in the state of West Virginia which the campers enjoy the most is whitewater rafting. The campers can spend even a week by rapidly traveling in the boats and enjoy the beauty of untamed nature all around.

The state of West Virginia is also famous for rock climbing where we can find different tracks and paths in the woods that will lead to many large formations and places to partake in rock climbing. Rock climbing is one of the interesting sports offered by West Virginia because of large open space and room. West Virginia is also famous for hiking, fishing and hunting. The state has miles and miles of wilderness that are uncontrolled by anyone and some of the places are not even touched by civilization hence the campers will find fishing and hunting in these areas as the most enjoyable outdoor activity. The Charleston city which is the capital of West Virginia is full of adventures. The campers can visit beautiful museums here and can enjoy live music performance.

In addition to all these wonderful places West Virginia State has got its historical importance too. Some of the places in West Virginia which has got historical importance are:

Prabhupada’s palace of Gold – This palace was created by Swami Srila Prabhupada founder of International Society for Krishna Consciousness. The main features of this palace are its breathtaking stained glass windows and wonderful grounds.

Harper’s Ferry National Historic Park – This Park has been the backdrop for noteworthy events. The park covers more than 2300 acres in West Virginia state, Maryland and Virginia.

New River George National River – This River is located near Beckley. This is one of the oldest rivers on the continent. One more interesting thing is the bridge that spans the new River George is the second highest bridge in the world at 876 feet above the New River.

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