Newton Hills State Park

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28767 482nd Ave
Canton, SD 57013


(605) 987-2263

About Newton Hills State Park

At its highest point, the coteau rises up to 2,000 feet above sea level, and glaciers form a narrow strip of rolling hills and forests that is part of a geological formation called the "Cotesau des Prairie" that stretches along the eastern border of South Dakota.

The unique dark forests of the area, located in front of the vast open prairie, have given rise to many legends, including the legend of buried gold and the discovery of ancient burial mounds.

Finds of artefacts and burial mounds in the park indicate that the region was inhabited by Indian forest cultures between 300 BC and 900 AD.

If you're interested in birdwatching, Newton Hills is definitely a place to be, especially in the early morning and late evening hours of the day.

More than 200 bird species visit the area each year, and wild Merriam turkeys have been transplanted into the park and are often seen on walks and excursions. White and tail deer, elk, coyotes, foxes, elk, pheasant and other wildlife are also found in the parks. Hunting is permitted in all parks during the designated seasons, but unwrapped bows and firearms are not permitted on any of the campgrounds in the park or nearby.

The Woodland Trail is on the National Recreation Trail Register, which is managed by the US Fish and Wildlife Service and the New Hampshire Department of Natural Resources.

The quiet, shady campsites attract thousands of campers to Newton Hills each year, and Rent-A-Campers are also available. Campers can stay at the campsite for only $5 per night or for two nights, or for $10 per night.

For 65 dollars per night, campers can stay with air conditioning, refrigerator and stove, or for 35 dollars per night without air conditioning or refrigerator or stove.

If you are planning a family celebration in the park, please contact the park office for pricing details. The hiking camp offers facilities for day and overnight stays, including vaulted toilets, picnic tables and a picnic area. After a day on the trails, riders can spend a whole day hiking, biking or horseback riding in the park's riding camp.

Newton Hills organizes numerous concerts with folk music in collaboration with the Friends of Traditional Music. This year, the first weekend in August is held, and the annual Newton Hills State Park Folk Music Festival takes place on the second weekend in August.


What is the phone number for Newton Hills State Park?

The phone number for Newton Hills State Park is (605) 987-2263.

Where is Newton Hills State Park located?

Newton Hills State Park is located at 28767 482nd Ave , Canton, SD 57013

What is the internet address for Newton Hills State Park?

The website (URL) for Newton Hills State Park is

What is the latitude and longitude of Newton Hills State Park?

You can use Latitude: 43.21882220 Longitude: -96.56999990 coordinates in your GPS.

Is there a key contact at Newton Hills State Park?

You can contact Newton Hills State Park at (605) 987-2263.

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