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Keeping your gun close by and storing it safely isn't always easy. The glove compartment in your car doesn’t offer easy access, safe storage in your workplace may be difficult, and leaving a gun on a bedside table at night can also pose problems.

Gun magnets are ideal for storing your gun wherever you need it. They allow for low-profile storage, such as under desks or on car side panels, and provide great flexibility, as you can mount them on flat or curved surfaces as well as in corners.

There are several types of gun magnets on the market; they vary in size, shape, and magnet strength, so the right one for you will depend on the type of gun you have and your particular installation needs.

Here we take a look at how gun magnets work and the different mounting methods available, and compare some of the most popular models currently being sold.

How Does A Gun Magnet Work?

Gun magnets offer a useful storage solution and allow convenient, easy access to your weapon. Using a magnet means you can store your gun vertically, horizontally, or upside down, making it a must-have accessory for storage in cars, safes, under desks, literally anywhere. Once you’ve installed the magnet in your desired location, your gun will stick to it and be held safely in place.

How Do You Install A Gun Magnet?

That depends on the type of magnet. If it’s magnetized on both sides, all you need is a metal surface, such as a safe. The gun is held by the magnet and the magnet sticks to the surface. For installation in places you don’t want to drill holes in, such as a car console, super strong 3M tape can be a good solution for lighter guns. Another option is to mount the magnet with screws, which depending on the shape of the magnet usually requires either one or four screws.

Can A Gun Magnet Support The Weight Of Any Gun?

Most gun magnets can hold between 15 and 45 pounds. One magnet should be enough to store revolvers or semi automatic handguns. But larger weapons such as shotguns and rifles will probably need two or three magnets.

What Will My Gun Magnet Stick To?

Any surface which contains iron, nickel or cobalt.

0 Best Gun Magnet

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