6 Best Shower Tent

A high-quality shower tent is just what you need to ensure a fun and relaxed outdoor activity for the entire family or a group of friends. Taking good care of your hygiene is equally as important as having a comfortable tent to sleep in. A shower tent is a practical solution for people who want to maintain proper self-hygiene but still want to spend some quality time in the nature.

Private shower space is a necessity if you are spending more than one day camping or hiking. Even if you are going to an outdoor event such as a concert, or a beach, these practical tents can be carried around in your personal bag, or in their specially designed carry bags.

Shower tents are not only designed for showering, they also provide additional space to change clothes or go to the bathroom. If you are taking children on this trip, their hygiene is one less thing you’ll stress about if you have a shower tent at hand. Shower tents are not made to weigh you down, but them being adequately rigged will help you feel much more comfortable in nature. 

We’ve carefully chosen 6 of our favorite shower tents based on their prominent features. Let’s see what the market has to offer to all of you outdoor people out there.


When it comes to the sizes, there are a variety of sizes you can choose from, based on the number of people that are going on the trip and their body constitution and type. A large number of shower tents fold into a smaller, more practical size so you can carry them with more ease.

Every shower tent size is suitable for younger children, however, pay attention to the adults in the group. If the group mostly consists of adult males, it is highly likely that you’ll need a higher and a more spacious tent. A higher ceiling point, a tent you can stand in and freely move around means that the tent is spacious enough and suitable for you.

Is it also suitable for others? Carefully consider other people’s measurements, to make sure that you’re not bumping heads with each other about the spaciousness or the height of the tent. 


You don’t want to spend too much time on setting up the tent, because you can use this time more effectively. Setting up the tent should be an easy process, and should come naturally, especially if this is not your first time camping. Pop up mechanism is perfect for a shower tent, since it reduces the time necessary to assemble it. For beginners, poles that are pre-attached to the tent are highly recommendable.

This means the shower tent requires no assembly prior to setting it up. Pre-attached structure allows for a faster assemblance, which is less-time consuming and doesn’t involve two or more people who need to help. 


If your trip involves a lot of walking from one location to another, a lightweight tent that fits in your bag can come in handy. A portable shower tent made from lightweight materials such as polyethylene or polyester which you can easily fold, is great both for a longer trip or a one-off event. Polyethylene is also useful for wet weather, since it is water resistant and flexible. It also has a major role in keeping the inner part of the tent dry.

Sometimes, the materials used for frames might be bulkier or heavier, so pay attention to the overall weight of the shower tent. Mesh is a breathable material commonly used for roof panels or zippered windows, and it is particularly useful for increasing the airflow and allowing the air to circulate much faster and easier.

You don’t want to be stuck in a dark tent, with no natural light coming from the windows. That is another reason why mesh is a perfect material for warm weather. Furthermore, if you don’t use a heater, you also need to keep the water bags outside in the sun, so they absorb the heat from the sun and warm up.

If the weather conditions aren’t working in your favor, a rainfly made from nylon or polyester will stop the rain from getting into the tent. Frame is usually made of steel poles that are resistant to corrosion, and can stay in an upward position even during bad weather conditions.


If you are on the fence about buying shower tents, having additional storage space can play an important role in choosing the perfect one. Nowadays, most tents have compartments where you can keep your belongings, but their sizes may vary.

It goes without saying that you have to have enough space to store your personal belongings, cooking equipment, paraphernalia or gear you brought along. Besides extra space, many shower tents can be divided with a zippered divider so there is a separate changing room and a showering section.

There are shower tents with storage pockets both inside and outside the tent, so based on your personal preference and the amount of load you carry with you, pay attention to the compartment sizes, the materials they are made of and their location.

If you are on a trip with children, you should probably opt for a shower tent that includes more storage space and has a larger inner part.


Usually, most shower tents have mesh windows you can keep open to cool down the space and catch some sun, or zip them up when the weather is chilly or to stop bugs from entering the shower tent.

Of course, you don’t have to ventilate the tent yourself. Air flows through the mesh on the roof, and also mesh around the floor area gives way for excess water so it can drain into the ground. Not only is it necessary to allow the air to circulate, you have to use the ventilation to reduce the heat that builds up in tent over time.

Superior ventilation is a combination of high-quality breathable materials that keep the inside of the tent cool, and a practical drainage solution that effectively drains the water outside, instead of keeping it inside the tent.

6 Best Shower Tent

1. Texsport – Instant Portable Camping Shower
2. Lightspeed Outdoors – Quick Set Up Privacy Tent
3. KingCamp – Oversize Camping ShowerTent
Out of Stock
4. Ozark Trail – Instant 2-Room Shower
Out of Stock
5. Core – Utility Shower Tent with Changing Room
Out of Stock
6. WolfWise – Pop-up Shower Tent

Texsport – Instant Portable Camping Shower

Kiwi Camp Dry Heavy Duty Water Repellent

Instant Portable Camping shower comes with stakes and a carry bag, which can also be used as an additional storage space. There is a shower rack and a removable towel rod outside where you can hang your towels or clothes to dry off or to prevent them from getting wet.

Walls are coated with taffeta, and the removable floor area is made of lightweight polyethylene material. You enter through large, zippered D-shaped door which is the only way of access.

The frame is made of chain-corded flame retardant steel poles with durable speed clips to secure the shelter to the frame.

As far as the ventilation is concerned, there are 2 zippered mesh windows and 4 mesh roof panels. This way, the air freely circulates, hot air goes up and it cools down the space if necessary. Depending on the weather conditions, you can open it or zip it up if it’s chilly outside. Furthermore, rainfly has 2 see-through skylights for better visibility inside.


  • Comes with a carry bag for easy transportation.
  • Large entrance door.
  • 2 zippered mesh windows and 4 mesh roof panels allow for better airflow.
  • Removable floor, convenient for keeping the tent clean.
  • Removable rainfly.


  • One front door for access.
  • Average storage space.

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Lightspeed Outdoors – Quick Set Up Privacy Tent

Kiwi Camp Dry Heavy Duty Water Repellent

With the aid of the instruction video, this setup of the tent is pretty quick and simple. The front D-shaped door is large and makes the tent visually larger.  An oversized carry bag is great for easy packing, so simply fold it, and put it in the bag. Once it is packed, it weighs around 14.6 lbs.

Floor can be clipped up and down, depending on what you need at the moment. 2 zippered mesh rooftop windows increase the airflow, and help you get rid of the undesirable odor and heated air much faster. 

The shower tent includes towel strap, amenities pockets, and a shelf for solar shower. This is not only a shower tent, but a tent with multiple functions. It can serve as a changing room, toilet, and a great place when you need some privacy to clear your mind.


  • Quick and simple setup process.
  • Large entrance door and spacious interior.
  • 2 zippered mesh rooftop windows provide better ventilation.


  • One front door for access.
  • Average weight when packed.

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KingCamp – Oversize Camping ShowerTent

Kiwi Camp Dry Heavy Duty Water Repellent

This shower tent is easily assembled with the help of an instruction video. For its successful assembling, you will need 4 steel poles, 2 fiberglass poles, 4 guy ropes and 8 steel nails. When it is folded, this portable shower tent is easy to carry thanks to its featherweight structure. (only 11lbs)

The inside of the shower tent is roomy and spacious due to a great ceiling height. With the aid of its strong structure supported by fibreglass poles, it is able to stand freely, but if you need to, you can strengthen the structure with the aid of ropes and pegs. It also comes with a water bag. If you decide to use it, extra strength will be necessary.

Windows, the floor frame and roof are made of mesh. Mesh increases the air flow, helps with water drainage and helps air leave and enter the room easier. 

Apart from large zippered entrance, there is a lot of storage space for your essentials. This tent comes with a polyester rainfly which has multiple functions: can shield you from the sun and dangerous UV radiation, preserve your privacy and protect you from the unwanted rain.


  • Floor can be clipped up or down depending on what you are doing at the moment.
  • The combination of inside (for soap, shampoo, body lotion) and outside pockets (towels, clothes) provides more storage space.
  • Your privacy is respected.
  • Removable firm polyester rainfly.
  • Great ceiling height and roomy interior.


  • Setup process.
  • Average water bag size (2.6 gallons).

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Ozark Trail – Instant 2-Room Shower

Kiwi Camp Dry Heavy Duty Water Repellent

Ozark Trail Instant 2-Room Shower tent has 2 separate rooms you can use for showering and changing or using it as a toilet. It comes with a 5 gallon solar shower. (which is free!) If you want to, you can attach your own portable powered or pressured shower, which is especially convenient if there is a larger number of people. 

If you have privacy concerns, just know that every door is sealed. Walls are coated with a silver aluminum coating, which is a reflective material, so it ensures that there are no unwanted see-through parts. The floor area and the roof are made of mesh so they help to drain the water faster, and encourage the airflow. 

Multiple storage pockets are useful for storing your toiletries or paraphernalia kits. You can also hang your towels or clothes on a towel rod to prevent them from getting wet. The process of setting up this shower tent is pretty simple. It comes with a pre-attached frame, which means minimal effort is necessary to erect this instant pop up structure.


  • Easy setup process, with a pre-attached frame.
  • 2 areas for showering and changing clothes.
  • Enough storage space.
  • Every door is sealed to ensure maximum privacy.
  • Free 5 gallon shower container included.


  • Two people assemble it.
  • The top part is made if mesh, so if you do not put the fly on, the bag will be exposed to the sun.

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Core – Utility Shower Tent with Changing Room

Kiwi Camp Dry Heavy Duty Water Repellent

This shower tent includes two rooms separated by a zippered divider. Its central ceiling point is 7 feet tall, and the rooms are spacious. Setting up the tent is beginner-friendly, since it comes with pre-attached legs, so you just unfold it and leave it to extend. 

This tent also comes with a 5 gallon water container which is heated with the energy it gets from the sun. Thanks to the mesh upper part, the airflow is increased, there is more natural light and it can help to keep the bugs out. Silver coated fabric is provided for extra privacy. 

There is a clothesline where you can leave your clothes, and a hanging storage pouch you can use to put your phone or other small belongings. Furthermore, all your possessions are safe because there is a zipper lock on the outer side of the door panel. Privacy coating ensures that you and your belongings are shielded from the onlookers.

There is a carry bag where you can store the shower tent when you no longer need it. This tent comes with a rainfly, 2 towel bars, straps and stakes made of steel.


  • Easy setup process, assembled in only 60 seconds.
  • 1 year warranty.
  • Great height of the central ceiling point.
  • Separate changing room.
  • Your privacy is a top priority.


  • Average storage space.
  • Steel stakes.

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Based on its features, size and the price, we’ve come to a conclusion that Core Utility Shower Tent is the best pick for you. From all the alternative shower tents mentioned above, this tent won by a landslide. Since your satisfaction is top priority, there is a 1 year warranty on the product. You can even use it on the beach or next to the backyard pool. With its high ceiling point, stretch out your arms or stand on your toes and stretch up high and you still won’t touch the roof of the tent. Let’s take a look at its best features that made this shower tent a winner:

  • Showering section can be divided from the changing area by a zippered divider.

  • Tent is ready within minutes due to its pre-attached pop up structure.

  • It has a zippered door panel on the outer side for increased privacy.

  • Mesh roof vent allows for better airflow.

  • You get a 1 year warranty on the product.

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WolfWise – Pop-up Shower Tent

Kiwi Camp Dry Heavy Duty Water Repellent

This practical WolfWise shower tent can be assembled in seconds thanks to its pop up shower tent design. If you need to carry it with you to other locations, simply fold it and put this 4.3 pound shower tent into a carry bag and wear it as a backpack. 

With its 6 feet 2 inches height, the inside of the tent doesn’t feel claustrophobic, since a tall man can stand inside and his head still wouldn’t touch the ceiling, which means that it is also convenient for children and women. 

The combination of anti-tear polyester for tent material and galvanized steel for frames ensures a long-lasting performance. Polyester, which keeps the inner part of the tent dry, is also water repellent and protects you from the harmful UV radiation during the hottest time periods of the day. The tent doesn’t include a floor area base, so it is easier to keep it clean. You get a one separate compartment for keeping your personal items or clothes while you shower.

The top part is made of mesh, a breathable material that helps body odor and smell go away much faster. Moreover, a large zippered window allows the fresh air to enter the space more easily. There is a private separate space for changing clothes, and also for using the toilet.


  • Spacious and roomy interior with a great ceiling height.
  • 360 degree ventilation.
  • Lightweight and easy to carry around as a backpack.
  • Large window and mesh material let the natural light in and increase airflow.
  • Separate changing room to keep the clothes dry.


  • One side bag for storing.
  • Water-repellent instead of waterproof.

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