9 Best Camping Stove

A good and reliable camping stove is a worthwhile investment, especially for avid outdoor goers. Cooking outdoors is a perfect way to enjoy the wilderness. Whether you're up for a long hike or basking under the sun, a pleasant and fulfilling meal is nice to look forward to out in the wilderness.

We've curated a list of recommended camping stove you can bring along in your camping trips to fuel your body and soul with good food and hot drinks. We understand that choosing one could be challenging, especially with the number of products presented to us daily. To make it easier for you, here are our top picks for the Best Camping Stove.

9 Best Camping Stove

1. Coleman Portable Bottletop Propane Gas Stove with Adjustable Burner
2. Gas One (GS-3400P) Gas Stove
3. Coleman Portable Butane Stove
4. Outbound Camping Stove
5. Coleman Double Burner Propane Camping Stove
6. TOMSHOO Camping Wood Stove
8. Ohuhu Camping Stove
9. Jetboil Flash Camping Stove Cooking System
10. Bisgear Camping Stove Canister with 12pcs Cookware

Coleman Portable Bottletop Propane Gas Stove with Adjustable Burner

Kiwi Camp Dry Heavy Duty Water RepellentThe Coleman Portable Bottletop Propane Gas Stove is a lightweight and compact gas stove that is ideal for camping or outdoor excursion. It's very user-friendly, which makes it suitable for a variety of outdoor usages.

This portable gas stove from Coleman weighs 1 lb. (without the propane canister) with dimensions of 7.8 x 7.8 x 6.6 in. Its burner has a heat output of 10,000 BTU, which is high enough for various usage. Aside from that, it features the PerfectFlo technology that Coleman claims to produce a steady fuel stream that enables a more consistent cooking performance. The wind baffles also create a shield burner to protect the flame from flickering in windy conditions.

Regarding its performance, Coleman's portable gas stove has an adjustable burner for precise temperature control. The overall runtime is 2.5 hours on high setting and up to 9 hours for low.


  • Propane Gas Stove
  • Portable
  • Lightweight
  • Budget-friendly
  • Money-Back Guarantee


  • Low setting not applicable for simmering
  • Not recommended for longer trips

Our Take

We highly appreciate the compactness and lightness of this portable gas stove from Coleman. It's an added convenience knowing that you can separate the base and the burner for much easy and less bulky packing.

Regarding its performance, the 10,000 BTU heat output creates a convenient and pleasurable outdoor cooking experience. You can quickly boil water for your hot tea or coffee in less than four minutes or cook a nice medium-rare steak in 20 minutes, more or less. That's how convenient the Coleman Portable Gas Stove provides.

The PerfectFlo technology and Wind Baffles introduces a secure and consistent cooking performance. And, since it uses propane to power the stove, there's no discomfort like odor while cooking. Further, propane has a low boiling temperature meaning it will continue to vaporize in extremely harsh climates. Hence, whether you're in a windy location or not, you're assured that it will get the job done.


Gas One (GS-3400P) Gas Stove

Kiwi Camp Dry Heavy Duty Water RepellentThe Gas One GS-3400P Gas Stove is a well-made portable camping and backpacking gas stove with top-notch features. It is one of the few brands that offer dual fuel or compatibility with both butane and propane that operates on a single cartridge or cylinder (regulator included), respectively.

Next, it has a Piezo Electric Ignition that ignites flame without the need for a lighter or match. It is very user-friendly with an adjustable heat dial that enables a much precise temperature control for delicate ingredients or dishes. For safety, this gas stove from Gas One has a built-in shut off system to detect irregular gas flow.

This portable gas stove has a heat output of 8,000 BTU and weighs 3.1 lb.


  • No match/lighter needed for flame ignition
  • Excellent Safety Features
  • Great Heat Adjustment


  • Expensive
  • No Stand Available

Our Take

What we appreciate the most with the Gas One GS-3400P, aside from being an extremely well-made model, are its safety features. The Piezo Electric Ignition allows heightened security operations, especially for those who are not well-thought on how to operate stoves. There's no need for a lighter or a match to light the flame, which is often the case on other brands. Further, the Automatic Shut Off System and Built-in Cartridge Ejection System adds an extra layer of security -- detecting any irregularities to avoid explosion or fires.

Although this portable gas stove from Gas One is a little bit on the expensive side, there's a considerable amount of security involved in the product -- giving you that peace of mind while preparing your comfort food after a long hike. You also have the freedom to choose what gas you wish to use. With its dual fuel feature, you could use either butane or propane; it all depends on what's more convenient or available in your area.

Another advantage we see on the Gas One GS-3400P is its adjustable heat dial. Compared to other brands available in the market, the Gas One portable gas stove provides you with the precise temperature control to perfect various methods of cooking. You can simmer pretty well, or fry meat without charring.

The Gas One GS-3400P is a perfect portable gas stove for outdoor picnics or family/group gatherings.


Coleman Portable Butane Stove

Kiwi Camp Dry Heavy Duty Water RepellentThe Coleman Portable Butane Stove is an affordable, stand-alone stove that centers on simplicity and portability, which is a perfect addition to your current set-up. At 7,650 BTU, it's not a powerhouse gas stove that could perform a variety of usages but could do a decent job if used correctly. It's perfect for frying, stir-frys, one-pot meals, soups, and other non-complex cooking.

For safety, this portable butane stove from Coleman has an InstaStart ignition for matchless lighting. The heat adjustment dial also adds to the security measures the brand provides. It enables precise temperature control for various cooking styles and.

The product has a dimension of 20 x 12 x 4 inches and weighs 4.68 lbs., which makes it perfect for outdoor picnics and gatherings. This stove could fit up to 10-inch sized pans, and its butane tank could hold up to 8.8 oz. With this amount of gas and the stove's 7,650 BTU, the stove could last up to 1.25 hours.


  • Affordable
  • Ultralight
  • Easy to Clean
  • Auto Ignition
  • Durable


  • No Windscreen
  • Only uses butane

Our Take

This Coleman "InstaStart" Portable Butane Stove is a very well-made product that serves a pretty decent job on various outdoor cooking. It's not a powerhouse compared to other brands available in the market, but its affordable price tag makes it an excellent addition to your current set-up.

At 7,650 BTU, this stove is perfect for one-pot meals, soups, and other quick and easy pan-frying or sauteing. We could say that this stove is more into the market of new or infrequent campers since there are no other technicalities involved. Simply take the stove out from its carrying case, attach the butane bottle, and start cooking. Plus, it has a matchless lighting feature or InstaStart ignition that makes it even more convenient for beginners.

There are a couple of things you need to take note before purchasing the Coleman "InstaStart" Portable Butane Stove. First, if you're chosen camping location has extreme wind conditions or below-freezing temperatures, you might struggle to keep the flame burning. Since it only has 7,650 BTU and uses butane -- which does not perform well in a subfreezing location -- it's not surprising such condition may apply.

Nonetheless, if you're looking for an excellent addition or, let's say, a backup stove for your outdoor adventures, then the Coleman "InstaStart" Stove is a perfect choice.


Outbound Camping Stove

Kiwi Camp Dry Heavy Duty Water RepellentThe Outbound Portable Camping Stove is a double burner stove that's collapsible for convenient packing and traveling. It has a heat power of 20,000 BTU (10,000 BTU per burner), which makes it extremely capable of cooking a variety of choices. Each burner has a heat adjustment dial for much precise temperature control.

The entire frame of the Outbound Camping Stove is made of durable chrome-plated steel that can withstand high temperatures and weight. The side plates also serve as a windshield for a more consistent burning. Aside from that, it has a stainless-steel drip attached, enabling a clean- and hustle-free cooking experience.

The product dimension is 18.5 L x 11 W x 3.5 H inches with a cooking surface of 15 L x 9.5 W inches. The overall weight is 11.8 lbs.


  • Double Burner
  • Durable
  • Excellent Heat Output
  • Precise Heat Adjustment


  • Requires detaching the propane tank to shut down
  • Heavy

Our Take

This double burner portable stove from Outbound takes outdoor cooking to a whole new experience. Both burners have a capacity of 10,000 BTU, which is powerful enough to explore a variety of cooking choices.

The stove's framework shouts quality. The chrome-plated steel or side plates work as a windshield to achieve that needed consistency, especially in the outdoors. There's a tray attached to the framework as well to collect spills and dirt while cooking. It's also collapsible, meaning no extra casing to carry. You can easily fold down the stove into a case and enjoy your next adventure.

What we appreciate the most in the Outbound Camping Stove is its top-notch performance. It's strong enough to withstand high temperatures and weight; at the same time, it provides you the control you'll need while cooking outdoors. This stove is ideal for one-site camping only. However, if you plan to backpack or hike, you may have to opt for a much lighter cooker.

Nonetheless, the Outbound Camping Stove is a sturdy and well-made product. We guarantee that it will get the job done. It's only a matter of knowing what your outdoor plans are to ensure you don't compromise your mobility while exploring.


Coleman Double Burner Propane Camping Stove

Kiwi Camp Dry Heavy Duty Water RepellentThis Coleman Camping Stove is a double burner with a 20,000 BTU heat output. It sports a handful of features that centers on consistency and durability. The stove has a built-in flow (PerfectFlow) and heat (PerfectHeat) technology that facilitates the flame output -- offering a steady performance and efficient fuel combustion.

Adding to the consistency that this portable stove from Coleman offers is Wind Block. The frame's side panels act as a windshield to protect the flame from strong winds. And, it's 100% adjustable to fit larger pans. Furthermore, with its adjustable burner, it enables precision on temperature control to accommodate various cooking techniques.


  • Affordable
  • Two-Burner Stove
  • Safe
  • With 3-Year Warranty


  • Heavy
  • Last 1 hour on high setting only
  • No leak detector

Our Take

The Coleman Camping Stove is a quality double burner stove that centers on affordability. The product has the makings of a great outdoor cooking companion: reliable, safe, and durable.

What we appreciate the most in this portable stove is the "PerfectHeat" feature. What it does is ensure a complete fuel combustion process to effectively deliver heat, at the same time consume less fuel. Also, there's a unique control pressure technology in the Coleman Camping Stove that maintains the steady flow of heat even if you're running low of fuel.

Similar to other popular brands, the Coleman Camping Stove has a heat adjustment dial to control the cooking temperature. The 20,000 BTU heat output offers the freedom of cooking a variety of recipes.

For safety, always make sure that the gas line is attached to the tank and the stove correctly.


TOMSHOO Camping Wood Stove

Kiwi Camp Dry Heavy Duty Water RepellentThe TOMSHOO Camping Wood Stove is a perfect cooking partner for backpackers and hikers. It's collapsible that folds up to the size of a wallet and uses wood as fuel. Hence, you can maximize the storage space in your camping backpack.

This wood stove from TOMSHOO is very efficient in terms of its burning capacity. It has a windproof "serrated" cross stand that provides a stable platform for your cookware and increases heat contact. Further, it has a double wall inside the stove that traps and heats cold air first for a much better burning efficiency.


  • Lightweight
  • Portable
  • Durable


  • Limited to small cooking pots
  • Relatively small in size; appropriate for a small group only

Our Take

If you want a portable stove that's exceptionally lightweight yet capable of providing you the cooking performance you'll need, then the TOMSHOO Camping "Wood" Stove is a perfect choice. This stove has a folded size of 13.8 x 7 cm diameter / 5.4 x 2.8 in height and a weight of not more than a pound, which makes it extremely lightweight and portable.

What we appreciate about the TOMSHOO Camping "Wood" Stove is not only it frees a lot of space in your camping backpack, it also does a decent job. Since it uses wood or twigs or anything that lies around the forest that's combustible and safe to burn, you don't have to worry about running low in fuel. Honestly, this style of portable stove appeals toward a more holistic approach to camping or the notion of "getting off the grid."

Nonetheless, if you're going solo or with a partner or a group of four, then this TOMSHOO Camping "Wood" Stove is a reliable companion. You can also add this stove to your existing setup or use it as a back-up if any situation arises.


Ohuhu Camping Stove

Kiwi Camp Dry Heavy Duty Water RepellentThe Ohuhu Camping Stove is another portable, fuelless stove that is very convenient and easy to pop out in the wild. This wood stove is made of durable stainless steel that could withstand heavy weight or high heat. It features a three-arm base support to stand upright on whatever location and condition, at the same time, creates a stable cooking countertop. It's lightweight, collapsible, and fuelled by nature, leaving zero chemical emissions while cooking.


  • Durable
  • Environment-friendly
  • Affordable
  • Stable Platform


  • For small groups
  • Longer cooking time

Our Take

What we appreciate the most with the Ohuhu "Wood" Camping Stove is its efficiency. There's no need for a gas tank -- all you need is mother nature to provide you with the fuel you'll need to cook your meal. And, there are no limits. Yes, cooking could take more time compared to butane- or propane-powered stoves, but the joy of going tout naturel is rewarding, not just for yourself but also to the environment as well.

The Ohuhu Camping Stove is a top of the line portable wood stove. It's durable since it's made of stainless steel that could carry on the job in whatever situation. The design of the stove enables a more evenly distributed heat -- whether grilling or stirfrying.


Jetboil Flash Camping Stove Cooking System

Kiwi Camp Dry Heavy Duty Water RepellentThe Jetboil Flash Camping Stove Cooking System is an integrated canister stove that is very affordable yet offers an attractive number of features that are perfect for backpacking and camping. It includes a cooking cup called "FluxRing" to boil water quickly in under 100 seconds. Since the Jetboil Flash is also a cooking system, the package consists of both pot and stove.

Jetboil Flash Cooking System has a push-button ignitor that enables convenient and easy lighting. The stove has a heat output of 9,000 BTU, which makes it capable of cooking a variety of choices.


  • Affordable
  • Portable
  • Boils water faster
  • Sturdy


  • Limited for small groups
  • Heavy
  • No heat control

Our Take

The Jetboil Flash Canister Stove is a reliable, budget-friendly stove that you can depend on while exploring the backcountry. If you're looking for a fast and convenient way to prepare your meal or hot drink, then this Jetboil Flash will serve you well.

This canister stove boils water the fastest since it is designed to accommodate the need for a quick hot tea or coffee. It also serves as a cooking system. With 9,000 BTU, the Flash could enable you to prepare a couple of cooking preferences. The downside, however, is that it does not have a heat adjustment dial to control temperatures for simmering and other delicate types of cooking.

What we admire the most with the Jetboil Flash are the extra features. For a lone camper, these additions come in handy. First, is the FluxRing or cooking cup. Once the boiling water is ready, the cup changes in color to notify you. The Flash is also wrapped in insulating neoprene sleeves for handling protection, especially when it's hot. There's also a well-designed lid that you can drink on while you're on the go. This also serves as a built-in strainer for draining like pasta water and such.

There's no doubt that the Jetboil Flash ticks all essentials a camper needs while staying outdoors. It has a built-in fuel-efficiency system to help fuel last longer, at the same time, acts as a windshield for flame consistency.


Bisgear Camping Stove Canister with 12pcs Cookware

Kiwi Camp Dry Heavy Duty Water RepellentThe Bisgear Camping Stove Canister is a lightweight and highly portable stove you can bring in your camping trips. It has the highest quality -- which is FDA approved -- among other competitors in the market. The package includes 12 pieces of cookware such as a foldable knife, fork, and spoon that can be stored in one mesh bag and suitable for one to two persons only.

Bisgear includes a mini stove with piezo ignition for matchless lighting and multipurpose pans that are non-stick and wear-resistant. The pans are also designed to conduct heat faster for a much efficient cooking experience.


  • Complete Set
  • Heat Conduction on Pans
  • Portable and Foldable


  • Limited for two persons only
  • No Windshield
  • No Heat Control

Our Take

The Bisgear Camping Stove Canister is the perfect deal for couples or partners wishing to explore the backcountry without compromising the comfort of eating. It's lightweight and foldable, with all 12 pieces of cookware stored in one mesh bag.

In terms of cooking experience, the technology behind the Bisgear camping cooking set is not limited to the stove canister alone. It is well distributed to pans to enable heat conduction for faster and efficient cooking.

If you're looking for a complete set of equipment to enjoy a good meal while in the outdoors, then the Bisgear Camping Cooking Set is what you need.

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