7 Best 10 Person Tent

If you like to explore the outdoors with your family or enjoy trips to festivals and events with your friends, large tents can offer great value and sociable accommodation.

Whether you are an experienced camper shopping for new gear, or you’re looking for your first tent, you might want some guidance on the features to look for. Here, we’ve concentrated on groups of up to ten people, to find the best 10 man tent. We’re first going to look at some of the main points to consider when choosing a 10-person tent, and then review some of the popular choices on the market.


Tents are usually defined by their capacity, such as a 10 person camping tent or a 8-10 person tent. But you might be wondering what this means in practice, in terms of the physical size and amount of internal space.

The easiest way to gauge the size of the tent is to look at the floor area, or the total width and length. Alongside this, bear in mind the type of tent construction. If it’s a domed tent, the walls slope, meaning that the floor space around the edges may not be as useful as the highest, central area. In straight wall tents, the ceiling height is more constant all the way around, so this can make the tent feel more spacious. If you’re tall, a ceiling height that allows you to stand straight and walk around will make for a more comfortable experience.  

The stated capacity of a tent is usually worked out on the basis of the maximum number of people it can fit ‘backpacker style’. This means each individual lying in their own sleeping bag, without camp beds or air mattresses. The capacity doesn’t usually factor in any storage for belongings or other camping gear. 

The size of the tent you need will largely depend on the intended use. Using the tent ‘backpacker style’ can be fine for short trips. If you’re taking a longer holiday, it can be more pleasant to have room for air beds and to store your gear. You could then opt for a larger capacity, for example choosing a ten man tent for six people would give extra living and storage room. 


Because of their size, 10 person tents are usually quite heavy. If you drive to a campsite and only need to remove the tent from your car, the weight is not too big a consideration. However, if you plan to hike with the tent, then the weight is far more important. A tent will often come with a storage bag, but these tend to be too heavy and bulky for one person to carry. 

Tents which have fibreglass poles will typically be lighter than those with metal poles. You could also split the kit, for example the stakes, rainfly and main tent, to be carried between several people. 

Water resistance

Most tents have a detachable rainfly to help protect the main body of the tent from the elements. Some tents have a mesh ceiling, so you’ll need to add the rainfly if there’s any possibility of rain as there is otherwise no protection. 

Some useful features to look out for are extended eaves, which keep the rainfly lifted off the ceiling surface to help with airflow, and colour coded attachments which make the rainfly quick and easy to attach when needed. A rainfly should be made from a durable fabric with a water resistant coating.

A 10 person waterproof tent should have a few other features to help keep the inside dry. Firstly the floor construction is important, to keep surface water and damp out. Tub floors are particularly good here, as there’s no gap between the tent walls and floor where the water can enter. 

The seams of a tent can be another weak point where water can enter. Factory sealed seams offer good protection against leaks. You may also want to look at the quality of zips and seals around windows and doors.


If you’re camping during the summer months, good ventilation is vital to regulate the temperature inside the tent. The sun raises the temperature of the air inside the tent during the day and if the hot air has nowhere to escape, it can make for an uncomfortable sleep. If used at maximum capacity, 10 person camping tents can also naturally get hot and stuffy during the night.

There are several ways that tents can be ventilated. One of the most obvious and basic methods of ventilation is windows. As well as letting in light and giving views of the surroundings, having windows on several walls of the tent will allow for cross ventilation. Windows will usually have a mesh covering so air can circulate but bugs can’t enter. Some tents have a rainfly that extends over the windows so they can be left uncovered even during rain.

Many tents also feature a mesh ceiling so hot air can freely escape. Air circulation is easiest during fine weather, when a rainfly can be left off, but tents that have a raised rainfly will still allow for ventilation even with the rainfly installed. 

A number of tents we reviewed have ground vents. These draw in cooler air from the ground, helping lower the temperature inside the tent. Ground vents are adjustable, so they can be closed during cooler weather.

Rooms and doors

A multiple person tent doesn’t always give much privacy for a large group. However, many 10 person camping tents have a detachable divider which can be used to split the space into two areas. This means that you can create two bedrooms, if camping with friends, or perhaps separate living and sleeping areas if camping as a family. This helps keep the space organised and gives some degree of privacy. 

Being able to divide the space is especially useful if the doors to enter and exit the tent are accessible on both sides of the divider. If, for example, you’ve created two bedrooms, you ideally want to be able to exit the tent from either side during the night to use the bathroom. Having more than one door in a tent also means that you can have one door where any wet gear is left and another which is kept dry and clean.

Extra features

Many of the 10 people camping tent options we reviewed came with a range of extra features and benefits. One of the most common of these are storage options. These are typically mesh gear pockets or gear lofts, to keep gadgets and other small items easy to find.

If you often camp at grounds where a power supply is available, an electric port is another really useful feature.

7 Best 10 Person Tent

3. Mountain Trails – Grand Pass 10 Person Tent
Out of Stock
2. Core Lighted 10 Person Tent With Screen Room
1. Timber Ridge – Large Family 10 Person Tent
Out of Stock
5. QOMOTOP – 10 People Instant Set Up Tent
Out of Stock
4. Columbia – Mamooth Creek 10 Person Tent
6. Outdoor Products -10 Person Instant Cabin Tent
7. Core – Two Room 12 Person Instant Cabin Tent

Mountain Trails – Grand Pass 10 Person Tent

Mountain Trails – Grand Pass 10 Person Tent

This is a spacious dome tent that can accommodate up to 10 people, ‘backpacker style’. 

This tent has an overall floor area of 18 foot by 10 foot, and the ceiling is 6 foot 4 inches at the highest point. There is a detachable divider which you can use to create two separate rooms within the tent, giving more private sleeping areas or splitting the space into areas for living and sleeping. Two D doors mean that each side of the partition has its own entrance and exit. 

This tent is made from nylon, with a shock-corded fibreglass frame. The pin and ring system allows for easy set-up. There are large mesh roof vents and windows to help air circulate, helping you stay cool in summer months whilst keeping bugs out. A detachable rainfly protects you from the elements. Once the rainfly is added, there’s a small awning above the D doors. 

The tent can comfortably fit at least two queen size air beds if you like to camp in comfort. Overall, this is a great 10 person family tent.

Key features & benefits

  • Affordable tent
  • Divider included for creating 2 rooms
  • Great floor area
  • Dome-type tent
  • Windows


  • Spacious floor area.
  • Good ceiling height at the highest point.
  • Detachable divider can be used to divide the space into two areas, giving extra flexibility.
  • Easy to assemble, with a shock-corded frame.
  • Mesh roof and windows offering ventilation.


  • Best used in the summer months.

Our Take

This Mountain Trails Grand Pass Tent Review will conclude with a reminder that it is a well-built tent. It looks great, kids love the cavernous design and windows. It has a huge floor area, is very affordable and is difficult to find a comparable tent on the market.

This tent is not suitable for extreme conditions. Although they do not have an official rating for weather resistance, it is still a summer tent.


Core Lighted 10 Person Tent With Screen Room

Kiwi Camp Dry Heavy Duty Water Repellent

This instant tent can be set up in just a few minutes, with poles that are pre-attached to the tent. You simply unpack the tent, unfold it, lift the poles into position and extend them until they click into place. 

A  water repellent rainfly is included, and can be removed to allow views through the mesh ceiling. An advanced ventilation system features an adjustable air intake vent that brings in cool air near the ground. The mesh ceiling completes the flow by allowing hot air to escape. 

This tent is somewhat unique in that it has a built-in LED lighting system in the roof poles. A wall mount allows you to choose from 3 brightness settings, and you can turn it on from the inside or outside of the tent. The switch is even lit to allow you to find it easily in the dark. 

Each brightness setting has a different run time, from 50 hours for the highest setting to 250 hours for the night light setting. A diffusion panel disperses the light throughout the tent, rather than a single source blinding glare from the light.

The tent is 14 x 10 feet with a center height of 7 feet. A room divider is included to allow you to create two rooms if you want, or leave the space open. It sleeps 10.

The tent comes with a battery compartment for the LED lighting, but 4-D batteries are not included. There’s also the rainfly, the room divider, tent stakes and a carry bag.


  • The lighting system is a nice bonus.
  • Instant setup is easy with its pre-attached poles.


  • The lights are nice to have, but you’ll have to be sure to carry batteries every time you go camping.

Our Take


Timber Ridge – Large Family 10 Person Tent

Kiwi Camp Dry Heavy Duty Water Repellent

This is a great large family tent that can sleep up to 10 people. 

The tent measures 14 foot by 10 foot, with a peak ceiling height of 6 foot 8 inches, making it comfortable to stand up and move around freely, and large enough to fit several queen size air beds. The inner tent is made of 190T polyester with a PU coating and the five mesh windows and top mesh panel help with airflow. This tent is provided with a flysheet, but is recommended not to be used in heavy rain.

The interior space can be divided into two by using a detachable room divider, to create separate living and sleeping areas or two bedrooms, a handy feature if you’re travelling with friends. The two large D doors enable easy entry and exit from either side of the divider, and a mesh gear loft provides a useful storage feature. There’s also a place to run a cord for a solar charging system. 

The tent has a fibreglass frame with pole pockets for easy set up. It needs to be staked, so should be pitched on earth rather than a hard surface such as concrete. When packed down, it fits into its own storage bag.


  • Good peak ceiling height.
  • Can be divided into two areas using the detachable divider.
  • Two large D doors give direct access to each of the two rooms.
  • Easy to set up.
  • Provided with a carrying bag.


  • Not recommended for use in heavy rain.

Our Take

We’ve looked at some great options, but our choice of the best ten person tent is the Timber Ridge Large Family 10 Person Tent. Here are some of the reasons why we found this the best large family tent:

  • Tall ceiling height allows you to stand up and walk around, making it feel more spacious.

  • Can fit several queen sized air mattresses for camping in comfort. 

  • Detachable divider means the space can be split into two rooms.

  • The two D doors allow direct access either side of the divider; great for privacy and flexibility.

  • Easy set up thanks to the fibreglass frame with pole pockets.

Out of Stock

QOMOTOP – 10 People Instant Set Up Tent

Kiwi Camp Dry Heavy Duty Water Repellent

This is a 10 person pop up tent that can be set up in just a few minutes. 

The roomy tent measures 14 foot by 10 foot and has a central ceiling height of 6 foot 4 inches, giving space to move around. The space can be split in two using the detachable room divider. There’s room to fit two queen size air beds, or 10 people camping backpacker style. 

This tent is very quick and easy to set up, thanks to the pre-attached telescoping poles. You simply unwrap the tent from its storage bag and click the poles into place. It takes two people around a minute. The tent itself is full seam taped meaning it offers great waterproof performance. There’s also a separate rainfly. 

Several mesh windows and a mesh roof, as well as two D doors, enable air to circulate and keep you cool in hotter weather. If the rainfly is on and the windows are closed because of rain, air can still circulate thanks to the floor vent.

There are some handy extra features, such as a power port, gear loft, gear pocket and door mat, which make this 10 person cabin tent a great choice if you’re looking for the best family tent.


  • Super-quick set up thanks to the pop up design.
  • Full seam taped to keep you dry in wet weather..
  • Plenty of ventilation, with mesh roof, windows and ground vent.
  • Detachable room divider.
  • Handy extra features include power port, gear storage and door mat.


  • Lower ceiling height than some similar tents.

Our Take

Out of Stock

Columbia – Mamooth Creek 10 Person Tent

Kiwi Camp Dry Heavy Duty Water Repellent

This 10 person camping tent has a straight wall design that gives more internal space, as well as higher ceilings. 

The tent measures 14 foot by 10 foot, with a ceiling height of 6 foot 6 inches. The space can fit 10 people backpacker style, or up to four queen sized air mattresses. The internal area can be split with a divider, or left as one large open space. 

There are two large doors, and large pull out windows which allow you to keep air circulating even if it’s raining. The windows have mesh for privacy and to keep bugs out, and there’s a mesh ceiling which enables warm air to escape, as well as an adjustable ground vent to bring in cooler air.  

This tent is well equipped to keep rain out, with a coated fabric that repels water and dries faster than untreated fabric. Tub floors give extra protection from ground leaks, and taped seams help prevent leaks elsewhere. Overall, this is a great 10 man tent for a comfortable camping experience.


  • Straight wall design gives more internal space.
  • Can be split into two areas using a divider.
  • Pull out windows can be left open in the rain.
  • Adjustable ground vent to help with air circulation.
  • Water resistant coating.


  • No door for direct access to the back room.

Our Take


Outdoor Products -10 Person Instant Cabin Tent

Kiwi Camp Dry Heavy Duty Water Repellent

This 10 person instant tent has a super-quick set up, making it ideal for novice campers, or for use at events or festivals. 

To set it up, simply unfold the tent from the storage bag, pull it upwards and then extend the pre-attached poles until they click into place, with the whole process taking just a couple of minutes. The tent has a floor area of 14 foot by 10 foot, with a ceiling height of 6 foot 6 inches, giving space to move around in comfort. It can fit 10 campers backpacker style, or there’s plenty of room for two queen sized air mattresses. 

This tent features extended eaves to offer increased breathability and air circulation, keeping the tent cooler during hot summer weather. Cool air is drawn into the tent through the dual ground vents, and warm air can escape through the mesh ceiling, large windows and the door. The ground vents can be closed on cooler nights. There are windows on every side of the tent, all with mesh for privacy and to keep insects out. Protection from the elements is provided by the water-resistant rainfly, tub floor and taped seams.

The interior space can be divided in two using the detachable room divider, creating separate sleeping and living areas, or two bedrooms. There’s an electrical port access and several mesh gear pockets for handy and easily accessible storage of smaller items. Hanging gear lofts also help keep the space organised.


  • Super-quick and easy set up.
  • Extended eave technology for improved air circulation and cooling.
  • Adjustable ground vents to draw in cooler air.
  • Large windows on all sides of the tent.
  • Electrical port access.


  • Instant set up but should still be staked to secure the tent.

Our Take


Core – Two Room 12 Person Instant Cabin Tent

Kiwi Camp Dry Heavy Duty Water Repellent

This is effectively a 12 person pop up tent, with a set up time of just two minutes. It has poles which are pre-attached to the tent, so you simply unfold it and extend the legs until they click. 

The overall size of this tent is 18 foot by 10 foot, and it can accommodate 12 people in individual sleeping bags, or fit up to three queen size air mattresses. A detachable room divider can split the interior and provide a private sleeping area, or you can remove it and have one open space. 

There’s a side D-door and a front T-door for easy access. At one end of the tent are windows that span the full height of the tent, so you can use this as a sleeping area or as a seating area that lets you see the outdoors whilst keeping bugs out. 

This tent features a venting system with an adjustable air vent that draws in cool air from the ground. Hot air can escape through the mesh windows and also through the mesh ceiling. If the weather is fine, the water repellant rainfly can be removed so you can stargaze through the mesh ceiling.


  • Extremely fast assembly.
  • Detachable room divider to create two interior areas.
  • Two entry doors for easy access.
  • Full height windows giving the feeling of being outdoors, indoors.
  • Venting system including a mesh ceiling.


  • Most comfortable if not used at full 12 person capacity.

Our Take

If you are looking for a tent that is quick and easy to set up, this Core 12 person pop-up tent will do the trick. This large cabin-style family camping tent can fit three queen size air mattresses or accommodate 12 people in individual sleeping bags. It has two entrances with doors, so it's convenient if some of your party need to leave at night without waking everyone else inside. You'll have plenty of space for all your gear with room dividers included! Is this the perfect instant cabin tent for you? Check out our other tents too!

After considering the benefits of each of these models, we’ve concluded that the Core Two Room 12 Person Instant Cabin Tent is our winner, for these reasons:

  • Super-quick and easy assembly, which takes two minutes or less.

  • Great overall space with generous dimensions. 

  • Option to split the interior into two areas with a detachable divider.

  • Venting system to keep the tent cool in warmer weather. 

  • Two access doors for easy access, and large windows to enjoy the outdoors.

Carla Arbuckle
Carla Arbuckle

Carla is a staff writer for Fishing.org and Shooting.org. She is an avid outdoors enthusiast and photographer. She can be found most weekends fishing and exploring the wilderness.