5 Best Bed Tents

Perhaps you haven't thought about it this way, but a bed tent can make you feel like camping even when you’re at home. Whatever mattress and bed frame you have, chances are you’ll find a tent to fit it like a glove. 

When that happens, you might realize it’s a perfect way of ensuring privacy to family members forced to share the same room. Or a fantastic way to add a little excitement to any room, be it for an adult or a kid. 

If you have children, a privacy pop up bed tent will sprinkle a bit of magic to anything from playtime to naptime. Before you know it, you might even surrender and set up such a bed for them in the backyard. 

Long story short, you’ll find plenty of uses for a full size bed tent. Just do your best to pick one that is durable and versatile. Time will give you so many opportunities to enjoy it, whether you’re at home or traveling, who knows where. 

As always, allow us to walk you through some of the basics of making such a purchase. Below, we’ve narrowed it all down to the essential features of the best bed tent. Check our selection of products. And be sure to go through it all, to see our favorite choice!


The first thing that might cross your mind, size-wise, is that you want the tent to fit your bed mattress perfectly. From this perspective, you’d better pick a model that comes in different sizes. Ponder all your options, whether it’s a bed tent for full size beds, for twin beds, or king-size beds.

If the model you’ll consider purchasing is available for different mattress sizes, it’s a big plus. But don’t ignore the height it provides, either! If it’s one of those tent beds for adults, height might not play such a huge role. For a kids’ bed tent, on the other hand, it could be a deal-breaker. Make sure the little ones will be able to jump up and down inside of it.


The best bed tent materials would have to be lightweight and breathable. You want to set it up and fold it down just as quickly. So, a heavy, bulky fabric won’t serve you well. Ideally, you might want to go for darker colors, especially if you hope it to provide you with more privacy. Light colors are somewhat transparent, meaning they’re not the ideal choice for a privacy pop bed tent.

If you can, you should pick a flame-retardant model. And even if you want it to keep you warm, don’t ignore the ventilation options. A mesh at the top of the tent could prove quite handy during the winter months when you have a lower temperature in your home.


Some people choose an indoor tent for sleeping privacy. They place it in a large room, with lots of space, and perhaps one that is shared by multiple persons. Others, however, choose it to help children feel like they have their own space when sharing a relatively small room with a sibling. 

Whether you’re looking for adult or children bed tents, you want to make the setup and use of such a tent as easy as possible. Pick a model designed to allow fast and straightforward operation. A frame made of pop up flexible ribs, with double-sided zippers, anti-mosquito mesh, and storage pockets, is ideal. 

Multiple entry points are also desirable. If kids will be playing around, it’s nice to know they won’t have to fight entering the tent through the same door. 

Even as an adult, you might find this useful. When you can enter your queen size bed tent from more than one side, you get more than one option of where to place it in your room. Look for the small details. They can often make a big difference!


Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How to Sleep Comfortably in a Tent?

A:The thing is that bed tents are specifically designed to help you sleep comfortably. They come with materials that block the light, and with special cuts to ensure ventilation. They have different doors or windows with meshes that you can roll up or down. So, what’s a good starting point to help you sleep comfortably in your chosen tent? To familiarize yourself with all of its functionality traits. 

If you’ve picked an indoor bed tent with inner pockets, make use of them to store your smartphone in there. If you also have a lamp hook, maybe you want to set one in there, so you can read a few minutes before you call it a night. And if you happen to have your full size bed tent set out in your backyard, you’d better make sure the mosquito nets are well in place.

Q: How to Fold a Bed Tent?

A:The best bed tents out there are supposed to fold and unfold quite easily. They usually consist of a polyester cover with dedicated zipper pouches where you insert the poles. And so, to unfold a bed tent, you’re only required to remove the poles. The rest of the structure will collapse and flap as intended, fitting the carry bag. 

If these steps don’t seem to work for your particular privacy pop bed tent, you’d better check the user instructions. And when those are out of reach, try a quick google search for “how to fold”, followed by your bed tent model name. Chances are you’ll bump into a video that will show you just that. Even a video review of that product could include the folding part, so it is worth checking those too.

5 Best Bed Tents

2. Privacy Pop – Twin Bed Tent
1. Alvantor – Portable Bed Canopy Tent
3. Pacific Play Tents – Secret Castle Bed Tent
Out of Stock
4. DDASUMI – Warm Tent for Single Bed
5. BESTEN – Floorless Privacy Tent on Bed

Privacy Pop – Twin Bed Tent

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If you’re looking for solitude and seclusion, this pop up bed tent from Privacy Pop seems like a solid choice. 

You’ll find it available in three different colors – black, blue, tan – with an extra camo option. And you can buy it as a bed tent twin size (our selection), but also as a twin bunk, full, full bunk, or queen size. 

Now, feel free to think of it as to your comforting bed fort. It features a simple design in one color, with side zippers that go all the way to the top frame, for maximum privacy. Plus, you have the chance to add a bit of extra light with the mesh windows. 

As a twin bed tent model, it measures 78 x 39 x 47 inches, at only 8 pounds. And you can use it to split large rooms into private suites on the double. Adults and teenagers will be particularly fond of this bed tent.


  • Straightforward design, simple to set up, easy to take down.
  • Durable style, will fit well a twin bed.
  • Allows you to control how much light will get inside.
  • Features wide side meshes for proper ventilation.
  • Comes with two side zippers for access on both ends.


  • Not the prettiest design you can find.
  • Makes it a bit difficult to change sheets.

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Alvantor – Portable Bed Canopy Tent

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Are you tired of bed tents for full size beds with spring steel frames? This portable bed canopy tent from Alvantor will make a world of difference! 

Light but stable and durable, with a fiberglass pole frame, is guaranteed to stay in shape. And it makes a superior choice to any other competitor. 

You’ll find it available on charcoal, pink, or navy, as a bed tent queen model, but also as bunk twin, twin, or full size. The Twin version measures 75 x 39 x 47 inches, and weighs an impressive 4.3 pounds! 

This tent has four cutouts that take the notion of easy access to a whole new level. And which allows plenty of fresh air to get inside. The light-blocking fabric, however, will do a wonderful job of keeping unwanted light outside. Just close the windows, and you’re secluded. 

The inner pockets are there to make sure that once you get inside this indoor bed tent, you won’t need to get out too soon. 

Feel free to tuck your smartphone in there, a tablet, or even a small book. Everything for your comfort can stay at hand. You can even hook a lamp inside! 

Given the color options, it works for either adult or child bed tents. Plus, it’s easy to handle and easy to maintain. Hard to resist, don’t you think?


  • Extremely lightweight, without metal in its structure.
  • Boasts an innovative design that makes it flexible and versatile.
  • Easy to set up and to maintain, comes with a washable privacy curtain.
  • Lots of cutouts for easy access, proper ventilation, and extra light.
  • Great customer service and 1-year limited warranty.


  • Only unzips as one section, not at full size.
  • May not be a good fit for low-ceiling rooms.

Our Take

The more you look at some of the best bed tents on the market, the more uncertain you might feel about what to choose. But that’s not the case with the Alvantor Portable bed canopy tent! It looks like a winner from the first glance. And the more you find out about it, the more you’re determined to consider it your best choice. Here’s a reminder of why that is!

  • Versatile bed canopy compatible with many different bed types.

  • Innovative design that makes for a super easy set up.

  • Patented folding method that makes packing it up a breeze.

  • Made of high-quality pongee, breathable, comfortable, and soft.

  • Includes anti-mosquito mesh at both ends, head and foot.

  • Built with its own floor that goes under the mattress for no-slip use.

  • Outstanding customer service from the manufacturer.


Pacific Play Tents – Secret Castle Bed Tent

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A kids’ full size bed tent, just like the name suggests, this model has an outstanding price point. It measures 77 x 54 x 42 inches and weighs 1 pound. And the manufacturer recommends it for children aged 36 months – 12 years. 

Available only in pink, it certainly looks like a full size bed tent for girl. But the stars imprinted on it, along with the star and the moon cutouts, make for great graphics. Their exclusive “G3” patented shock corded poles are supposed to better face children’s excess of energy or rough play. 

As a tent that goes over the bed, it makes a fantastic play environment during the day. Thanks to the large T-style door, you can always keep an eye on the child. Plus, you can set it up straight on the floor and use it without having to put a mattress inside. It will still sit nice and firmly.


  • Enchanting design for little girls.
  • Easy to set up and clean up by the parents.
  • Sits on a special frame, a product patented by Pacific Play Tents.
  • Comes with inner pockets where the child can put her personal things.
  • Makes bedtime fun & easy, as a special moment for child-parent bond.


  • Only a pink version, possibly not attractive for little boys.
  • Can get a little warm inside when the door stays closed.

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Out of Stock

DDASUMI – Warm Tent for Single Bed

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Looking for a more sophisticated full bed tent? This DDASUMI model available in Pink, Mint, or Brown Grey stands out as an appealing choice. Easy to use and laundry available, it will cover your bed and keep you warm inside. Whether you’re considering it for extra privacy or for saving heating costs, it is definitely worth being taken into account. 

In case you were wondering, it matches single and super single beds. Out of the package, you’re getting the polyester tent, the fiberglass poles (the 2ea type), along with a storage bag. Once you set it up, the bed tent full size spreads on 83 x 47 x 53 inches, and weighs nearly 4 pounds. 

It features one large door and two side doors, somewhat smaller. The poles make it stay firmly, without shaking at all. And the ceiling ventilation system will keep you warm without having to deal with any condensation. Without a doubt, it’s one of the most elegant pop up tents for beds you’ll bump into.


  • Elegant design available in sophisticated shades of color.
  • Flexible and lightweight fiber glass pole structure.
  • Good ventilation and smart design that prevents condensation.
  • Multiple access points that make it fit different corners of a room.
  • Easy to use and easy to maintain as a laundry available model.


  • Set up instructions not available in English.
  • Comes with a Chinese side label that is not very appealing

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BESTEN – Floorless Privacy Tent on Bed

Kiwi Camp Dry Heavy Duty Water Repellent

Looking for some bed tent queen and full models for extra privacy? This floorless privacy tent from BESTEN comes in five different shades: pink, charcoal, gray, blue mint, and mint. Any of these colors are perfect for reducing the light that comes in, without blocking it entirely. All in all, it features a 59 x 83 x 59 inches tent frame at 4.55 pounds. 

Whatever your reasons for setting up a bed tent, this canopy will serve you well and prove quite flexible in use. The three gates can be maneuvered to the point where you can watch the TV set up in the room. Or you can choose to take advantage of the inside pouch, put your tablet in there, and watch your favorite TV shows streaming on it. 

For a child, the design with PE coated FRP poles isn’t just fancy, but also versatile. Kids can hang all sorts of decorations from those poles. But make no mistake, adults will equally appreciate this versatile pop up bed tent.


  • Elegant floorless tent that suits children and adult rooms.
  • Includes a mesh vent at the top, to let the air circulate when the doors are closed.
  • Comes with a tablet pouch so you can watch movies on your tablet inside.
  • Facilitates easy access and various set up positions thanks to its three doors.
  • Built with attention to details, for extra comfort and durability.


  • Not flame-retardant.
  • Can get a bit too warm inside.

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