7 Best Large Tents

A large camping tent is a must-have, whether you’re from a big family or you love group camping and outdoor socializing. Aiming for a great time, you certainly want people to feel comfortable. Enough space for everyone to sleep, easy access, easy transportation, and reliable materials are all highly desirable. But is that all? 

Now, the more people involved, the more preferences you’ll need to satisfy. And the more challenges you’ll have to deal with. So, what’s the secret to picking one of the best big camping tents out there without too many headaches?

For once, you’d have to know what to look for. The more you know about huge camping tents, the easier it will be for you to pick a model. Size and sleeping capacity, design and ventilation, just like the price range, are good starting points in your research. Yet this is just the tip of the iceberg. 

Do not fret, though! In this family size tents guide, we will show you how to tackle the research. Find out exactly what to look for and which are the best options currently available. Let’s take things one at a time.

Big tents come with big benefits, and with equal challenges. If you think of it, a large cabin tent can be harder or easier to use, depending on its number of rooms and design. Some people could have a harder time getting to their dedicated area if the tent is poorly designed. 

Congestion around one entrance? People climbing over each other while trying to get out? Ventilation issues, or darkness during the day? These are a few of the problems you might have to deal with. To avoid it all, make sure you check the aspects we detail below. Bear in mind that they apply to family tents and huge camping tents alike!


Size is given by the design and the sleeping capacity. A giant camping tent can accommodate 16 to 20 persons. But the average is around 8 people. From this perspective, the average size is 16 x 11 inches. The peak height is somewhere at 6-7-inches, whereas the floor area is around 100 square feet.

Tip: Here you can check our best 8 person tent guide.

The average size for large camping tents would allow placing one queen airbed in each room. And would still leave you with enough spare room around the mattress. Extra large camping tents can come with up to 300 square feet of floor space, for like 20 persons in… sleeping bags!

Stand Up Tent 

Stand up height is an absolute must-have when camping in an extended formula. Having to crawl inside the tent is probably the only thing worse than having to jump over other people. And so, you want to look for big tents that are tall enough to stand up in. 

Luckily, most of the large tents pay attention to this detail, featuring a peak height between 6 and 7 feet. This is more than enough for standing up, especially if it features a large cabin tent design. Make sure, though, that your favorite model is tall enough in all areas, not just at the center. 

Number of Rooms 

An 8-person tent is typically designed with 2 to 3 areas in mind. You have one or two sleeping areas and a common living space. The most versatile tents, however, will allow you to convert a large room using dividers to get a multi room tent

As a side note, tents with rooms are a tad more challenging to assemble. They usually require handling extra rods and poles for stability. And the more complex the structure of the tent, the longer it will take you to set it up. 

Number of People

The number of people for big camping tents revolves around 8 persons AND their gear! Beware of the false ads that count the number of people who can sleep in a tent, ignoring their need for storage space, or whether they will sleep on mattresses or in sleeping bags!


There are, however, 15 person tent and even 20 person tent models. These would require you to use sleeping bags for the maximum number of people. But you can also consider a 15-person or 20-person tent for maximum comfort when camping in a group of, let’s say, 10 people.


Ventilation is critical for your comfort, but also for how you’ll maintain your tent. With family tents that don’t facilitate proper ventilation, condensation is your smallest enemy! You will end up watching mold and mildew building up on the tent’s inner walls. 

So, your tent should have mesh windows. Like many mesh windows, from the ceiling to the walls, and around the doors. Do not worry about privacy; you should be able to zip up a full material on top of the mesh. 

Speaking of doors, their number and placement will also significantly help with the ventilation of the best large tents. You should have doors on opposite walls, to facilitate smooth airflow. And the larger the doors, the better it is. 

Just so you know, some tents could even feature advanced venting designs. Systems of vents with adjustable cuts on the ground, through which the fresh air will get inside. And large mesh ceilings, through which the hot air will escape.


You’d think the design of big camping tents comes down to its size and number of doors. But the more you research your options, the more amazed you’ll be by the differences you’ll notice. The internal pockets, the rain fly, the tent poles are just some of the extra details that prove quite useful when you’re in the middle of nowhere. 

Square Tent 

A square tent is an ideal choice for large groups because it lets you make the most of the floor space. And height is equally distributed, too, making it a great stand up tent. In fact, most large camping tents have this rectangular, square, or cube shape. 

While the advantages of a square tent are more than obvious, keep in mind a common disadvantage. This shape doesn’t work well in limited camping spaces. The narrower the place where you want to put your tent, the more difficult it will be with a large cabin tent

With Porch 

screened porch with an attached floor is a fantastic thing to have on any tent. There will be many instances when you will be neither ready for sleep, nor willing to stay under the clear sky. And a porch will be the perfect setting. However, the porch takes space… 

And big tents already allocate lots of space for the living and sleeping rooms. So, even if you find one that features a porch, chances are it won’t accommodate the entire group. If you really want it, search for it, and you might get a few options to choose from. 

Tent Doors 

Large tents must have at least 3 doors. It’s imperative that you get more doors for several reasons. For once, people will have easier access in and out. With the right door placement, they won’t have to crowd around a single access point. 

Then, there’s also the advantage that it helps with breathability and ventilation. These make for good livability. Equally important, smart distribution of the doors will give you more room to move the air mattresses around. 

Internal Pockets 

Think it’s not important? Wait until 8 to 10 people start leaving their belongings scattered all around the place. For better organization and preventing unnecessary clutter, internal pockets are a nice addition to family size tents. Whatever tent you choose, make sure it comes with roomy utility pockets and generous gear loft. 

You’ll use it to keep essential items readily available rather than tucked in a bag. They can also prove handy at night, when you keep valuable items or other miscellaneous you might need when you wake up, at an arm’s length. 

Rain Fly 

The rain fly is a detachable cover that serves as extra protection for bad weather. Since it fits over the top of the tent and you’re buying one of those huge camping tents, expect it to require some struggle to set it up or take it down. However, it could prove extremely useful, so don’t ignore it! 

There are roof-only rain flies, that cover the roof and that are lighter and easier to maneuver. Or full-coverage rain flies that are larger but designed to better protect you from wind and rain. 

Tent Poles 

The type of tent poles you’re getting will directly impact your tent’s weight, the height, and the strength. What’s more, it will also determine how easy you’ll set up the tent. If you’re getting aluminum poles, they are more robust but also heavier. Fiberglass poles won’t weigh as much, but you can expect it to break easier. 

As a design-related detail, with some of the best large tents, manufacturers color code the poles. It should facilitate a more straightforward and intuitive setup. So, make sure that you carefully read the user manual when you unbox your tent for the first time. Don’t just assume you know it all.


Materials can prove quite a tricky choice when it comes to family size tents. The larger the tent, the more material it will include, and the heavier it will be. So, you want something lightweight, but also waterproof. And that might serve you well throughout different seasons. 

An all-season large tent is quite hard to find. Most likely, you’ll need at least two models. A three-season large cabin tent for fair weather and one of those big camping tents for winter, if you’re a fan of camping in extreme weather. The material makes the most significant difference between three- and four-season tents

Size-wise, huge camping tents give you space for lots of accessories that can keep you warm. So, you might settle for something made of polyester, and pay attention to all the other design features it boasts. Some parts of the tent are made of polyester, others of polyurethane or polyethylene. And some feature various combinations, for enhanced protection. 

Material-wise, you might want to look for a waterproof tent, and with taped fly seams. Or one with a polyethylene, welded floor with inverted seams, to keep moisture away. If you can make its fly canopy go all over the door, as a second coverage layer, it’s even better.

Pricing Range 

Are you wondering about the prices of the best large tents? Well, there are some really cheap large tents out there. But they will most likely not check all the boxes of important features we just mentioned above. It’s hard to get an oversized tent made of top-notch materials, with an amazingly practical and comfortable design, and pay peanuts for it. 

The best big tents out there could be a little over your budget. But you must always ponder the pros and cons. Aside from getting all the features you really need, paying what it is worth for a top-quality large tent will also give you the benefit of durability. You’ll use it more than once, for a large family or group, and all of its construction details are well thought of. So, it will be well worth the investment. 

To kill the suspense, you can find 8-person tents for as little as $150, with a decent design and above-average features. And you can also find 12-person tents around $400. As always, it is up to you to ponder the benefits and decide how much you’ll pay. 

Coming up next, we will show you a range of highly-affordable family tents and large camping tents. And some models on the pricey side, just so you get a better sense of what makes a more expensive tent a better choice.

7 Best Large Tents

1. Coleman – 8-Person Tent for Camping
2. CORE 9P Instant Cabin Tent
3. OZARK Trail – 20 Person Cabin Tent
Out of Stock
4. Tahoe Gear – Ozark 16 Person Cabin Tent
5. NTK – Super Arizona GT
6. NTK – Laredo GT
Out of Stock
7. Wenzel 8 Person Klondike Tent

Coleman – 8-Person Tent for Camping

Kiwi Camp Dry Heavy Duty Water Repellent

With the famous Coleman name backing it, this tent is ideal for groups up to 8 people. 

The large space of 17 x 10 feet is versatile in that you can leave it open for one big room, or use the dividers to create 3 separate rooms. The center height of 6 feet makes it comfortable to stand in, and it has a total square footage of 170 feet.

Coleman also has its WeatherTec system to keep you dry, featuring patented welded floors and the added protection of inverted seams, which means the needle holes are hidden inside the tent.

There’s one large door in the front that has a zipper cuff made of weather-resistant fabric, adding even more rain protection. The door has partial protection from the included rainfly, allowing the mesh window on the door to stay open even in the rain. There’s also a vent opening situated near the floor that allows for good air circulation.


  • Create 3 separate rooms or leave the dividers open for one large space that sleeps 8.
  • Comes with the Coleman name, synonymous with camping equipment


  • You only get 3 rooms by using dividers.

Our Take

Coleman’s 8-person tent for camping is our winning product in the best large tents category. Before anything else, it truly stands up by the label of comfortably accommodating 8 persons – there’s no doubt about that. 

Its price is extremely affordable compared to other models that offer a lot less but are significantly expensive. And in between these two, you’ll enjoy a ton of other benefits! Here’s a short reminder of what makes it a winning product.

  • Massive tent that fits three air mattresses with ease, and leaves you extra room around.

  • Lightweight and compact once you pack it up, easy to store pretty much anywhere.

  • Versatile enough to let you either share one large room or use dividers for privacy.

  • Boasts Coleman’s patented Weather Tech system of welded floors and inverted seams.

  • Designed to withstand anything from mild winds to storm bursts in any environment.

  • Fabric is weather-resistant and features a zipper protection cuff, for extra resistance.

  • Package includes even a detachable mud tarp and the tent is easy to clean.

  • Through it all, it provides great comfort at a good size, and it is intuitive to set up.


CORE 9P Instant Cabin Tent

Kiwi Camp Dry Heavy Duty Water Repellent

This is another “instant tent” that takes one minute to set up. The poles are attached to the structure and telescope for easy setup and takedown.

It’s quite a bit bigger with a measurement of 14×9 feet when set up. The centre height is 6 ½ feet. It fits two queen airbeds.

Inside, the tent has a detachable room divider to allow for flexibility and privacy. Wall storage pockets are handy for organizing smaller items.


  • It has an access port for electrical cords.
  • Includes a carrying bag.
  • A rain fly is also included and can be adjusted to keep it taut.
  • Has floor vents to help keep the tent cool, circulating hot air up through the ceiling.
  • Includes a front door that’s D-shaped and a side door that’s T-shaped. This makes access easy and allows for extra airflow.


  • The zippers of the T-door meet at the bottom of the tent, allowing for some water leakage.
  • Heavy. That’s fine as long as you are car camping, and not backpacking.

Our Take


OZARK Trail – 20 Person Cabin Tent

Kiwi Camp Dry Heavy Duty Water Repellent

This is a cabin style tent with separate rooms arranged around a central space, making four rooms in total. Each room has its own access door to the outside. This is a 20 man tent if everyone is using an individual sleeping bag, or it will fit up to six queen size air mattresses for a roomier experience, with one mattress in each side room and three in the central space.

There’s a total of eight windows in the tent for good ventilation and the central area has a domed ceiling with a height of over 2 meters, for a pleasant environment you can walk around in. There are plenty of handy pockets throughout the tent for storage of small items and holding gadgets or water bottles, and there’s also a port for a power cable. 

This is a great giant camping tent well-suited to summer trips in mild weather. Putting this tent up is quite simple, and it packs down to a compact size meaning it can be transported easily.


  • Large, roomy design for a pleasant experience.
  • Three side rooms for privacy.
  • Side rooms have direct access.
  • Central area for socialising if you’re camping with a smaller group.
  • Eight windows for ventilation.


  • If you’re using this tent at the maximum 20-person capacity, there is limited space for gear.

Our Take

There are many options on the market when you’re searching for giant camping tents, each offering their own benefits. Our favourite 20 person camping tent from the options we’ve reviewed here is the Ozark Trail 20 Person Cabin Tent, and here’s why:

  • Big cabin tents such as this one offer flexibility and privacy for large groups camping together.

  • Each of the four separate rooms has its own access.

  • Plenty of windows for great ventilation.

  • Central room has a domed ceiling with over 2 metre ceiling height.

  • Great extra features, such as storage pockets and a power cable port.

Out of Stock

Tahoe Gear – Ozark 16 Person Cabin Tent

Kiwi Camp Dry Heavy Duty Water Repellent

This Ozark cabin tent from Tahoe Gear will certainly catch your eye. Generously sized to accommodate up to 16 persons, it features a freestanding design and a whopping 7-feet peak height. Space is divided between 3 rooms with 2 doors and 9 windows. Adding the open-mesh design with floor vents, getting excellent ventilation while inside will be a… breeze. 

As one of the tallest large cabin tent options on the market, it sits on 10 steel leg poles. 5 fiberglass poles support the roof. And everything is nicely shock-corded, for extra stability. The fabric is 1200mm waterproof polyester. And the fully waterproof floor is made of polyethylene. The entire structure gets a roof-only rain fly to cover the ceiling without obstructing the views from the oversized windows. 

While the tent does not have storage pockets inside, it does feature lots of other useful design details. For instance, all the windows are doubled by zippered panels. There is also a power port you can use while inside. And the back area comes with a removable divider for more flexibility with the sleeping arrangements.


  • Extra large tent with a great peak height.
  • Suitable for three seasons and waterproof.
  • Includes top fly for extra protection.
  • Allows effective cross ventilation.
  • Available for an affordable price.


  • Could use more precise setup instructions.
  • Designed with angled corners.

Our Take


NTK – Super Arizona GT

Kiwi Camp Dry Heavy Duty Water Repellent

This is a great option if you’re looking at family size tents that can accommodate up to 12 people. The centre ceiling height is over 6 foot, and the tent is roughly 20.6 feet long and 10.2 feet wide, giving a roomy and spacious feeling. 

There’s a detachable room divider, offering the option to create a separate room for privacy. This model has two large D-style doors and three windows for ventilation, and a breathable inner tent. It features a micro-mesh material to protect you from mosquitos and other bugs. 

This durable tent has a high quality floor to keep the water out and a full coverage rainfly made with double layer polyester laminated with polyurethane to withstand wet weather. The frame uses a fibreglass compound and has colour-coded, connected poles for straightforward assembly.  

There’s a handy oversized utility pocket with bottle holder for storing items, and on the ceiling, a lantern ‘O’ ring and further storage.


  • Detachable room divider allowing you to create two rooms.
  • Two doors and three windows for ventilation keeping you cool in the summer.
  • Mesh material to keep bugs out.
  • Waterproof construction with full coverage rainfly and high quality floor.
  • Sturdy, fibreglass frame with easy construction.


  • No power port.

Our Take


NTK – Laredo GT

Kiwi Camp Dry Heavy Duty Water Repellent

For a family with children, the NTK Laredo GT large tent promises a lot. Within its 10 x 15 feet surface, it should easily accommodate 8 to 9 persons, adults and children. And thanks to its single room design, it provides a great environment for family bonding and memorable times spent under the same… rainfly. 

More specifically, it is an extended dome single-room tent with just one door. The peak height, in the central area, is 7.3 feet, whereas the full width height is 6.2 feet. The floor area would fit 3 double mattresses and 2 twin mattresses. And thanks to the high waterproof rating and full cover rain fly, it does stand up to the 3-season label advertised by NTK. 

The structure sits on shock-corded fiberglass poles, and it takes about 20 stakes to secure it. The polyester laminated with polyurethane fabric promises a 2500 mm waterproof rating and an SPF50+. Just as sturdy on the inside, it comes with this heavy-duty anti-fungus floor with an inner layer of silver coating. E-cable port, utility pockets, and a gear loft are part of a practical design.


  • Comes with a more than decent peak height.
  • Benefits from a reliable, full-coverage rainfly, double-layered.
  • Includes a heavy-duty seamless polyethylene floor, anti-fungus.
  • Facilitates easy assembly with color coded setup system.
  • Has large windows with mosquito mesh, for great views, ventilation & protection.


  • Not a freestanding structure.
  • Single room & single door design.

Our Take

Out of Stock

Wenzel 8 Person Klondike Tent

Kiwi Camp Dry Heavy Duty Water Repellent

Made from Weather Armor polyester fabric with a polyurethane water resistant coating, the Wenzel Klondike is a very efficient tent. It is truly spacious, at 16 x 11ft and can fit 8 people inside, with 5 in the interior and another 3 in the screen room, which has a zip-up wall. Even the tallest of people can stand up in it without issue – provided they aren’t over 6ft 5”. The screen room is also useful for storing luggage or getting out of the sun for a while.

The tent comes in tan or blue, and has a mesh roof and two mesh windows for adequate circulation while keeping out the critters. There’s also a rear mesh vent to circulate air around the floor area. All seams are sturdy (double-stitched and lap-felled), it has a tub bottom, and everything including the zips is treated with water repellent, so there is no fear of water getting in.


  • The tent is super-spacious so can accommodate larger groups comfortably.
  • The attached screen room allows for a bit of privacy if needed.
  • Circulation is highly efficient, so you’re unlikely to overheat.
  • There are double-staked power corners.
  • The screen room can be zipped up to prevent rain coming in.
  • It only takes between 10 and 20 minutes to set up.


  • There is no zipper on the top of the side windows.
  • The rainfly is on the small side.
  • It sometimes has a tendency to sag a little.

Our Take

Joshua Keaton
Joshua Keaton

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